A fresh approach to lower energy costs

Equipment used in processing fruits and vegetables can use excess energy and can significantly impact a harvesting operation’s bottom line.

The equipment used in processing fruits and vegetables is primarily responsible for excess energy usage and can significantly impact a harvesting operation’s bottom line.

In fact, energy usage accounts for at least 15 per cent of total operational costs for a food and beverage manufacturing business, according to the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

To reduce their energy consumption and control costs, it’s important that harvesters monitor equipment operation and conduct regular energy audits to better understand their energy usage and identify opportunities for improving efficiency.

For quick wins on the energy front, operators can perform the following actions:

  • Motor and conveyer system optimisation
  • Ensuring preventative maintenance is performed regularly on equipment
  • Controlling operating temperature settings
  • Improving equipment shutdown procedures
  • Identifying renewable energy opportunities
  • Upgrading to more energy efficient models

When it comes to equipment, conveyor systems in food processing can be particularly energy intensive, in part due to poor performing motor systems. If a motor system isn’t optimised for energy efficiency, it will lose over half its energy input before delivering its end use.

For harvesters and food producers this means that choosing energy efficient motor solutions will optimise system performance, while at the same time reducing production inputs and supporting energy cost savings.

TECO high-efficiency low-voltage motor solutions

By engineering performance, design, and functionality in their range of industrial electric motors, TECO has been supporting farmers and food processing operations in Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe, for more than 60 years. 

Offering some of the most energy efficient motor solutions available to the agriculture sector, TECO’s range of low-voltage and high-performance electric motor solutions has helped earn the company a reputation of “the quiet achiever.”

With the release of their Te3, Te3 Severe Duty series motors, and Low-Voltage 3-Phase Induction motors, TECO now offers their most sophisticated low-voltage engineered motor solution yet. Built to Australian standards, the TECO Te3 (IP55) and Te3 Severe Duty (IP66) Low-Voltage motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) in a finished cast iron cage. 

Additionally, for heavier duty harvesting equipment and applications, TECO has developed their E510 and F10 Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives for protection against ingress of water or contaminants. 

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