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Freedom Motors Australia

Project: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

FREEDOM Motors Australia has developed the Freedom Van conversion, said to be the ultimate in wheelchair accessibility.

Because the company modifies the floor in the vehicle by dropping it down, wheelchair passengers have easy access to the vehicle by a rear entry fold down ramp.

The design allows the wheelchair to fit between the two row middle bucket seats so the wheelchair

passenger can interact with other family members.

Also the view the wheelchair passenger has through the windows is similar to the rest of the

passengers instead of having their head high up in a van with only a view to the surface of the road.

The company has also designed additional prod­ucts like the Freedom Wheelchair Docking system the fits to 95% of all wheelchairs, allowing the wheelchair and occupant to dock and fasten the wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle without the use of the traditional required four wheelchair straps.

Other options are complete drive yourself by transferring inside the vehicle or drive from wheel­ chair designs with full remote control rear door and ramp system and self drive hand control systems.

All products are designed to Australian Design Rules and are said to often exceed them.

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