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Foxconn may expand manufacturing to US

Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, the major supplier of Apple’s iPhone and iPad products is considering expanding manufacturing to the United States.

Reuters reports that Foxconn Chairman Terry Guo said at the company’s 40th anniversary celebration on Sunday that the company may relocate capital-intensive and high-tech manufacturing to the US and added that many customers and partners would welcome the move.

As CNBC reports, Gou said that Foxconn is considering building an advanced 10th-generation panel manufacturing plant in the US.

The plant could manufacturer liquid display screens larger than 60 inches in size. Because of the size and fragility of these items it is difficult to ship them from Asia to the US.

Foxconn is aiming to grow its annual revenue from T$4 trillion ($150 billion) to T$10 trillion ($376 billion) in the next ten years.

Gou also said that Indonesia will play a large role in the company’s future. He said that that country (not India) is in the best position to replace China as the world’s manufacturing hub in the future. 

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