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Foxconn adds e-commerce platform to Indian expansion plans

Foxconn has announced it will add a new e-commerce platform in India, adding to its plans for 10 – 12 factories and a new data centre there.

The world’s biggest consumer electronics contract manufacturer – which supplies for companies including Apple, Cisco and Amazon – told Business Standard that plans were being finalised, but “these include building an e-commerce platform, data centre and computing power-related capabilities, and augmenting manufacturing, research and development and other strategic capabilities”.

PwC India predicts the Indian e-commerce sector to reach $22 billion in 2015.

Taiwan’s Foxconn did not say whether it would pilot, an electronic goods marketplace it launched a trial of in March, in India, or if it would co-invest in a local platform.

This follows a visit by the company’s head, Terry Gou, visiting India last month and announcing the intention to manufacture at 10 – 12 factories there and eventually employ up to 1 million.

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