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Four AI and Digital Capability Centres to drive commercialisation

Capability Centres

The federal government is investing $44 million to establish four Artificial Intelligence and Digital Capability Centres to drive the commercialisation of Australia’s leading AI research and promote it to new domestic and global markets.  

The Artificial Intelligence and Digital Capability Centres will give small and medium businesses access to the AI expertise that they need to adopt and enable them to use AI solutions to help them grow and create more jobs. 

The Centres form part of the government’s $124.1 million AI Action Plan, which sets a vision for Australia to be a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI. 

Minister for Science and Technology, Melissa Price, said the government is delivering on the AI Action Plan to ensure Australia is charging ahead in developing and adopting AI products and services. 

“The Centres will act as a front door for SMEs to improve their AI skills in order to adopt AI products in their businesses,” Price said. “They will draw together industries, research institutions, innovation hubs and businesses to create an ecosystem that drives innovation, commercialisation and adoption of AI.  

“Our government will continue to bolster the growth of AI by increasing the sharing of knowledge, supporting shared projects, and promoting long-term job creation. By requiring the Centres to focus on a priority area we can tailor the support for businesses to drive our manufacturing capability.” 

Each applicant will nominate a focus area in specific applications of AI that support the government’s National Manufacturing Priorities under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative, or the Digital Growth Priorities under the Digital Economy Strategy, which aims to position Australia as a leading digital economy and society by 2030.  

Grants of up to $11 million are available for each of the four new Artificial Intelligence and Digital Capability Centres. Applicants are required to submit joint applications with at least one industry partner and build on an existing technology, manufacturing hub or university. 

The applicants must contribute 25 per cent of the total project’s expenditure and may provide additional in-kind contributions.  

The new Centres will work alongside the National Artificial Intelligence Centre at CSIRO’s Data61 to strengthen Australia’s AI expertise and capabilities across multiple sectors. 

For more information about the grant application, click here 

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