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Fortescue awards $1 billion to Australian businesses for Eliwana

Businesses across Australia have benefitted from $1 billion in contracts awarded by Fortescue Metals Group as part of its $1.89 billion Eliwana Mine and Rail Project, including for the fabrication of structural steel.

One of the contracts is for the over 2,600 tonnes of fabricated structural steel being manufactured into rail and road bridge girder modules for Eliwana, at Pacific Industrial Company (PIC) facilities in Kwinana.

“We are pleased to have been awarded this significant contract for Fortescue’s Eliwana project, offering employment opportunities for 100 people including a number of apprentices during the fabrication period,” PIC’s managing director, Marco Mosole, said.

“The road and rail bridge girders are the biggest and heaviest ever constructed in WA and with all the steel manufactured and fabricated in Australia, it has enabled the industry to demonstrate the capacity and capability that exist here to undertake these sizable projects.”

According to Fortescue’s CEO Elizabeth Gaines, 82 per cent of project expenditure to date has been awarded to around 290 WA businesses, with a further 9 per cent to vendors across Australia.

“As a proud West Australian company, we are pleased to provide opportunities for local small and medium sized businesses and in turn drive economic growth and employment across the State through our strong focus on local content,” Gaines said.

The project underpins the introduction of the 60.1 per cent iron grade product, West Pilbara Fines, and will maintain Fortescue’s low-cost status, providing greater flexibility to capitalise on market dynamics while maintaining the company’s overall production rate of a minimum 170mtpa over 20 years.

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