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Former Bega Cheese boss sentenced to 13 years jail for child sexual abuse

Former Bega Cheese CEO Maurice Van Ryn has been sentenced to 13 years jail for 14 offences of child abuse carried out on nine boys and girls from 2003 to 2014.

As AAP reports, 59-year-old Van Ryn was given a non-parole period of seven years.

According to the ABC, Judge Clive Jeffreys described Van Ryn was a person of "good character" who "has shown deep contrition".

"On immediately becoming aware of complaints, he admitted his wrongdoing and went to seek psychiatric help," the judge said.

"It's clear in his psychiatric report that the offender has shown contrition."

Outside Sydney's District Court, ‘Ken’ a spokesman for the victims said: "He is sorry that he got caught. That is the contrition he shows."

A parent of one of the victims who cannot be named for legal reasons said, "Let's remind ourselves this man is a rapist, a multiple rapist of children and the offence for that should be much higher than it currently is in NSW."

Van Ryn had retired from his position at Bega Cheese before carrying out these offences.

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