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Forklift servicing tips – 10 tips to save you time and money

Adaptalift Hyster’s Victorian service manager, Alex Enticknap shares his top 10 tips to servicing forklifts. 

  1. Ensure your forklift is serviced within the prescribed service intervals. This will keep your forklift in optimum running condition which in turn will reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Complete your daily checks such as oils, water and tyres, and don’t forget the safety items like seatbelt, mirrors, rating plate, and emergency disconnect for all you battery electric users.
  3. Raise those fork tynes. Excessive wear on fork tynes is generally caused by dragging them around on the ground. Not only is more fuel being used in this process, you are also wearing out your fork tynes which again is an avoidable cost.
  4. Call in those problems. Don’t leave it for the next operator, as components can wear out during a shift. If you see a problem report it!
  5. Keep an eye on those hydraulic hoses for wear (Splitting/cracking or weeping). Organise replacements prior to them failing.
  6. Forklifts are the vacuum cleaners of the warehouse industry. If you have compressed air, blow the unit out including the radiator weekly. This will keep your unit clean inside and also keep the unit from having a blocked radiator which is a common problem.
  7. Ensure your operators are licensed and trained to operate the equipment. Having unlicensed or untrained operators can be detrimental to the safety of others and the condition and use of your forklift. Operating the forklift without the knowledge of completing a licence can lead to ineffective daily checks. Knowing the boundaries’ of your equipment such as “Stability Triangle” or “Rear end Swing” can prevent overloading and damage to your equipment and surrounding structures.
  8. Check your tyre wear. Is the forklift operating in the same direction and turning the same corners? This can cause premature tyre wear. During the routine maintenance ensure the tyres are rotated for maximum efficiency. This is the same for tandem load wheels on Reach & Pallet Trucks.
  9. Traction battery maintenance, use the WOW Principle (Water On Wednesday). Top the battery up after charge, and do not opportunity charge your battery as this will reduce the life of your battery. Keep in mind it is the fuel for the forklift.
  10. Uptime versus Downtime. Call it in prior to a failure. This will increase productivity and reduce downtime and most of all maintain equipment to manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.

Sourced: Adaptalift Hyster Logistics & Materials Handling Blog

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