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Forgacs blames misunderstanding for strike

Shipbuilder Forgacs has put a safety concern that caused 150-plus production staff to walk off the job down to a misunderstanding, the ABC reports.

Nearly a quarter of production staff held a stop work meeting on August 9 and then went on strike due to “significant safety concerns”, the AMWU told the Newcastle Herald. The strike slowed production on hull blocks created for the Navy’s $8 billion Air Warfare Destroyer project.

Today Forgacs has said that safety is a non-issue at the Tomago shipyard.

"That was a bit of a misunderstanding between the Union and management on that, we have got all of our safety requirements where they need to be," Forgacs General Manager, Tony Lobb, told the ABC.

"We've just finished four months of 'lost time injury free' activities which is good for a workforce of nearly 1200 people.”

The first hulls for the AWD project are scheduled to come out of Forgacs Defence Shipyard within weeks.

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