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Ford’s Geelong engine plant to stay open

Industry minister Kim Carr has welcomed today’s announcement that Ford will continue operating its Geelong engine plant.

“This announcement saves 1,300 jobs — 400 at Ford and up to 900 among its suppliers. It is great news for the workers involved, for the Geelong community and for Australia’s automotive industry,” Carr said.

“Ford workers and their families will be rejoicing today, and the Federal Government would like to congratulate Ford on making an optimistic and forward-looking investment decision.

“Ford will continue to play an important role in the Geelong region and in Victoria’s manufacturing future.

“$21 million will be invested in plant and equipment and further investment will go towards engineering the inline-6 engine to meet the stringent Euro IV environmental standard,” Carr said.

“This is also good news for parts makers. The inline-6 is a unique Australian engine that uses components from suppliers in Geelong and across the country.

“All three Australian-based motor vehicle producers will now be making engines to meet the new Euro IV standards when they are introduced into Australia in 2010,” Carr said.

“The Ford news reinforces the Federal Government’s optimism about the future of the automotive industry, after last week’s launch of the Government’s $6.2 billion New Car Plan for a Greener Future.

“The plan gives the industry confidence to invest for the long term, and to make the kinds of decisions Ford has announced today.

“The new car plan is about creating high-wage, high-skilled jobs. The plan will help this cornerstone industry weather the current economic storm and emerge stronger, more innovative and greener,” Carr said.

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