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Ford city Broadmeadows overlooked in Victorian election campaign

Jobs have been a major
issue in the Victorian election campaign, with Labor and the Liberals each
pledging to create 100,000 jobs and 200,000 jobs over two and five years

Fairfax reports that a
marked difference can be seen in the attention given to Broadmeadows and
Geelong. Both will suffer hundreds of direct job losses as Ford ends its
manufacturing operations in 2016.

However, Geelong has
seen more attention, as it includes three marginal seats.

“Everyone in
Victoria wishes they lived in a marginal seat,” said Adam Atmaca, mayor of
Hume (which includes Broadmeadows) told Fairfax.

For example, Labor
launched its campaign in Geelong and pledged $3 million to help create a new
manufacturing hub if elected. In September, opposition leader Daniel Andrews
also announced the redevelopment of the city’s Simonds Stadium and Performing
Arts Centre.

Geelong will lose 510 jobs in 2016 when Ford ends manufacturing and Broadmeadows 650.

The seat of Broadmeadows
has the state’s highest unemployment rate, at 26.4 per cent, compared to the Victorian average of 6.8 per cent (the highest level since 2001).

According to recent
figures, there are about 2.9 million people employed in Victoria, with 270,000 of these in manufacturing (which has shed 11,600 in the last four years).

Image: ABC

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