Like the namesake, Simplicity Australia’s equipment is designed to simplify agricultural practice. And they do. Simplicity’s seeder machine is dubbed ‘Australia’s Favourite Air Seeder’ and the native manufacturer is a well-recognised leader in its field, offering the largest range of air seeders in Australia and employing over 80 people.

Simplicity Australia’s name also reflects its humble beginnings. The first Simplicity air seeder being built in a backyard shed in the small town of Jandowae, Queensland in the late 1970s, using a simple auger-type metering system. That business was purchased by David Law in the early 1980s and it grew from the ground up
in a very modest way, says General Manager, Troy Law, “with a core focus to design and manufacture high-quality planting equipment.”

It’s an approach that has been successful, and one that Troy attributes to his father.

“My father, David Law worked tirelessly to continuously develop our product and the manufacturing process to meet the diverse needs of Australian farming.  The original little air seeder sold in our local area and into Central Queensland.  Over time, that expanded to a national presence, which required a wide variety of machine sizes and capability” explains Troy. “Our product strength is based in focusing on quality, reliability, innovation and product support. Today, our portfolio of planting equipment is extensive, and to my knowledge we offer the largest range of this type of air seeder in the world, with machines going from 1,500L through to 30,000L in many different formats.”

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