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Foldalift lift trolley

King Materials Handling has released the Foldalift lift trolley, designed for raising products to van, truck, desk or bench height.

The 500mm square deck lifts from 165mm high to 1050mm high, using a hand ‘brake’ winch that is completely silent.

With dual ball bearing 250mm diameter rear fixed wheels (with 50mm wide treads to go over grating easily), and 80mm dia front castors with brakes, the trolley is extremely versatile.

The removable deck can be stowed separately, or it can fit neatly behind the fold up legs, enabling the trolley to be stowed using minimal space in a van or truck. On arrival, the load can be lifted from the van, then moved over rough ground or up steps, the load can then be raised to shelf or desk height.

With 130 kg of capacity, the winch uses a 2:1 lift system which means lifting the load takes half the effort of a direct lift winch system.

The trolley can rotate on its own axis, so negotiating narrow passages is not a problem. The 250mm high deck carriage has two loops fitted to enable the optional adjustable strap to be fitted in order to constrain a load.

It has a fully zinc plated silver finish for a rust free, scratch resistant long life.

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