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Project: Fluidsentry Monitored Valves

SPECIALISING in the research, development, manufacture and application of a range of monitored valves for installation onto hydraulic and pneumatic industrial machinery, Melbourne-based Fluidsentry’s products are designed to provide the interface between man and machine to allow safety operation and access.

The design permits integration into existing systems of fluid power by simply placing the devices in the supply lines to new or existing machinery and fufil Australian standards which require the detection of single components faults to be identified and systems to be safely shutdown to prevent operator injuries.

Developed as an alternative to lockout tagout procedures which can be time consuming, the Fluidsentry valves eliminates the requirement for manual isolation, removing the possibility of incorrect isolation. It also moves up one level on hierarchy of control table to engineering.

The company’s monitored hydraulic valves are said to be the only valve in the world with independent third party safety certification.

Next step for the company is to obtain safety certification in Canada and open an office in Toronto, Ontario, some time this year.

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