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FLIR Systems AB and CEDIP Infrared Systems join forces

FLIR SYSTEMS AB has become the majority shareholder of fellow infrared specialist CEDIP Infrared Systems.

With the transaction completed in January this year, the CEDIP Infrared Systems infrared camera operations will be integrated into the Thermography Division of FLIR Systems AB and trade under the FLIR brand name.

In a statement released by Flir Systems AB, they said in broad terms, the acquisition will provide greater R&D capability, enhanced core competence and greater production and distribution ability.

Crucially it will allow more products and systems to be produced to serve the specific needs of customers all over the world.

This development will give the customers of both companies instant access to the widest range of infrared cameras on the market.

CEDIP Infrared Systems and FLIR Systems invest heavily in the development of both their IR camera products as well as the software.

The combined operation will naturally have the same ethos ensuring a future-proof path for all customers and distributors.

High-end R&D customers are said to be the major beneficiaries from this move.

Both companies already have a strong presence in the production of scientific grade cameras and their combined competence in this field will make the CEDIP Infrared Systems/FLIR Systems partnership a force to be reckoned with.

The fortified FLIR Systems will now have the capacity to develop R&D Systems that are application specific with a greater range of cooled detector combinations.

The centre of excellence of these high-end cameras will remain at the CEDIP Infrared Systems base in France.

“The combined forces of FLIR Systems Thermography Division and CEDIP Infrared Systems will take infrared technology into a new league on many fronts and result in development excellence to the benefit of all our customers”, commented Arne Almerfors, President of the FLIR Systems Thermography Division.

“Teaming up with FLIR Systems Thermography Division is a great opportunity for the development of CEDIP Infrared Systems high end thermography products.”

Pierre Potet, President of CEDIP Infrared Systems added that the combination of the international sales network and global expertise of FLIR Systems together with the technology of CEDIP Infrared Systems, “will immediately benefit all the customers and markets we serve.”

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