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Fire extinguisher training

BULLEX Digital Safety has introduced a live fire extinguisher training simulator called the ITS Xtreme, for use by fire departments, emergency responders, companies, and other organisations.

The simulator is a prop-enabled live-fire training system, which challenges trainees with three available stainless steel props: Class A (trashcan), Class B (stovetop) and Class C (motor).

These stainless steel training props create realistic flame patterns that respond directly to the trainee’s actions with the air/water training extinguisher.

Users need to demonstrate the proper technique based on the class of fire they are fighting to successfully extinguish the flames.

The simulator produces a controllable, variable flame, allowing users to learn how to effectively operate a fire extinguisher without the cost and clean up associated with traditional dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers.

Use of the simulator translates into reduce training costs while simultaneously improving trainee proficiency in putting out a variety of fires.

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