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Final testing for Lithium Australia’s LFP cathode material confirms high quality product

Lithium Australia Ltd announced that the independent testing of its LFP cathode material confirmed the product to be of a high quality, either matching or exceeding the competitor set across capacity, stability, and high temperature performance.

Testing was completed by a leading expert in battery materials research and development services, NOVONIX Battery Technology Solutions Inc.

Lithium Australia CEO & Managing Director, Simon Linge, said the results highlight how their product’s performance can match or exceed the market leading competitors.

“We believe this important validation will help us to continue accelerating our ongoing commercial negotiations, seeking offtake agreements and potential partnerships,” he said.

“Ultimately, we remain steadfast on achieving large-scale commercialisation of our battery materials manufacturing capabilities.”

The final testing results follow the preliminary results released in April 20231 which assessed the Lithium Australia LFP against two leading commercial brands.

It retained the highest capacity at fast charging rates when compared to market leaders, it Proved to be the most stable out of all tested samples, and it highlighted the product’s safety and suitability for commercial grade energy cell design.

The positive results from the independent testing highlights Lithium Australia’s LFP product as being an attractive alternative to existing LFP supply which is heavily concentrated in China.

This provides customers with a more diverse supply chain, without risking potential political disruptions and over-reliance on a particular geography.

The Company is currently engaged in discussions with multiple parties across North America, Europe, India, South Korea, and Japan regarding potential partnerships for LFP offtake and development, and validation of its product serves as a strong negotiation tool.

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