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Federal-State partnership to make Australia’s rail manufacturers more competitive

The Federal Government will embark on a Rail Technology Roadmap with industry and three state governments in a bid to make Australia’s rail manufacturers stronger and more competitive. The Roadmap will help prepare Australia’s rail industry for the future by matching its capabilities to domestic and international opportunities.

“The Roadmap will build a vision for the rail industry and provide direction for the next 30 years. It will identify pathways and areas for industry focus and investment, boosting capability and encouraging innovation,” said Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr.

Australia’s rail industry extends from signalling, communications and track to rail components and building and maintaining rolling stock. All of these areas have come together for the first time to work on this project.

The Roadmap will be developed over the next 12 months by ANU Edge, with the Cooperative Research Centre for Rail Innovation, the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing and Strategic Connections Group.

Rail industry stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to put forward their views through the various workshops, interviews and surveys that will be run.

The Roadmap project is jointly funded by the Australian Government, industry – through the Australasian Railway Association – and the Victorian, Queensland and New South Wales state governments.

[Image courtesy: Downer EDI.]

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