Yaskawa and Lorch Welding Systems announce Europe-wide cooperation

Otwin Kleinschmidt, division manager Yaskawa Germany with Wolfgang Grüb, managing partner at Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH (L-R).

Yaskawa, technology supplier with a global operation specialising in robotics and control technology, is teaming up with Lorch Schweißtechnik, one of the technology leaders in the field of MIG-MAG welding.

The future cooperation will make new and innovative welding solutions available to industrial businesses across Europe. Both partners see enormous potential for mid-size businesses to use the next couple of years to automate their production processes and update their existing structures to the latest developments in digital production.

“We are the market leader in the welding sector with our broad robot portfolio. In times of collaborative robotics and even closer work cooperation between man and machine, it is obvious that we should cooperate with well-known welding source manufacturers such as Lorch in this field,” said Otwin Kleinschmidt, division manager Yaskawa Germany.

Managing partner at Lorch Schweißtechnik, Wolfgang Grüb said the company was very pleased about the new cooperation with Yaskawa in the field of welding robotics.

“With this partnership, we will create joint solutions in the future, which will allow customers to further automate their production and to further increase their competitiveness,” he said.

“In the coming years, we see an increasing demand for automated welding solutions, especially in the medium-sized sector but also in large-scale industry. Here we want to jointly increase the efficiency of our customers.”

With annual sales of 480 billion yen (more than AU$6.5 billion), Yaskawa is a technology supplier with a business that spans the globe in the areas of robotics, drive and control technology as well as in solutions for the energy sector.

Established in 1915 in Japan, Yaskawa has been loyally pursuing a philosophy for 100 years that calls for delivering products of the finest quality and has earned them a leading position in the global marketplace.

Yaskawa’s business activities are comprised of drives (frequency inverter GA700), motion control (servo drives and servo motors Sigma-7, machine control systems), robotics (Motoman industrial robots, robot systems), system engineering (generators and converters), and information technology (software-based products).

Examples of areas where Motoman-branded industrial robots are used include robot-based welding, laboratory automation, packing and handling and automated painting.

Headquartered in Eschborn near Frankfurt, Yaskawa Europe GmbH operates with the business divisions of Drives Motion Controls (automation, drive and control technology), Robotics (industrial robots, systems), and Environmental Energy (environmental engineering) and caters to the markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Engineered for industrial applications, the demanding metal working trade and for use in automation, the arc welding systems by Lorch Schweißtechnik have been manufactured in Germany for more than 60 years at one of the world’s most cutting-edge manufacturing plants for welding equipment and are exported to more than 60 countries.

Their close proximity to the companies and clear focus on practical benefits have made it possible for Lorch to persistently devise innovative welding applications for their customers that substantially enhance the economy of their operations. The company’s latest innovations consist of the collaborative welding robot and Lorch Connect, which gives companies the means to network their welding systems and keep all key welding data in full view without requiring an extensive IT installation.

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