Workplace Health and Safety Show Melbourne announces speakers

Workplace Health

The hotly anticipated return of the Workplace Health & Safety Show 2022 will see industry trailblazers and game-changing newcomers unite to present a series of live, interactive two-way learning experiences covering all the latest trends, technologies and issues faced by Australian businesses today.

Taking place over two days (25-26 May) at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, this year’s comprehensive seminars and forums cover topics including innovation, technology, major hazards, wellbeing, mental health, and injury prevention… just to name a few.

After a tumultuous two years, with the global pandemic taking a toll on mental health and leading to a restructuring of the modern workforce, Australia’s only workplace health and safety event promises thought-provoking discussions and interactive forums on all the hot topics.

“We are excited to create a personalised and interactive space for professionals to hear from industry leaders in on how best to foster healthy and safe work environments,” said Marie Kinsella, CEO, IEC Group Australia.

The Free Education program is divided into two areas: the Knowledge Centre and the Spotlight Stage.



What does the future look like for Victorian business?
Knowledge Centre
Speakers: Paul Guerra, chief executive officer; Amy Bell general manager Workplace Relations; Anton Zytnik acting manager, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Paul Guerra will open the program with a “where to from here” segment for Victorian business. Joined by Amy Bell and Anton Zytnik the panel will also discuss future trends and developments, and how VCCI can help set business up for success for the remainder of 2022.

Minimising the challenges to embrace technology
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: David Miller, business development manager, Skytrust
This discussion will examine the challenges businesses face when considering moving to safety software technology. The talk will focus on considerations when looking for a product and the benefits that it will bring to the business.

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Business Case Studies in Primary Prevention
Knowledge Centre
Speaker: Jennifer Fry, director of WorkWell, WorkSafe Victoria
Attend this panel discussion for the latest updates from WorkSafe Victoria. WorkWell is a $50 million dollar program, delivered by WorkSafe Victoria and Department of Health, aimed at supporting employers to take a systems-level approach to preventing mental injury and creating safe and mentally healthy workplaces. WorkWell has funded 31 projects, across 13 different industries involving more than 11,000 people. Join us, as we share the learnings and insights from two of these projects.

The first project, “Work, Worker and Workplace Wellbeing Project” by Rapid Context, involves research to understand the work-related factors impacting on mental health in manufacturing workplaces and the development of evidence-based, innovative and targeted interventions to prevent mental injury. The second project, “Collaboration Delivers Worker Wellbeing” by AMWU will provide the foundation for lasting, co-operative relationships at the workplace level.

Changes to height safety management; A New Holistic Approach
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: Scott Barber, CEO, WAHA
This session will walk you through a more holistic approach on improving worker engagement and managing risks through fall protection measures, training and environment-specific solutions.

Mental Wellness begins with our care for others
Knowledge Centre
John Toomey, CEO, Wide Awake Wellness
Bringing a person back from the depths of despair requires great skill, a willingness to endure and a profound level of resilience and care. But what would happen if we could stop someone from going there in the first place. This I believe is the role of genuine Workplace Education. What are the factors that can lead to Mental Illness? How do we identify them? How do we take action to turn the course of events to something positive and valuable? This also requires care. It also requires willingness, courage and interest.

All of us can learn to be so much more aware of what is going on around us, what our friends and colleagues are doing and the attitudes they express. We can notice. We can get much better at helping each other to stay on track.

MSD Risk Analysis: A Data-Driven Approach
Knowledge Centre
Speaker: David Bick, director of Professional Services, Joint Action Solutions
This session will discuss the physical and psychosocial factors contributing to musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risks and show you how to identify them while making data-driven decisions to reduce the highest risks first with the least expenditure.

The Missing Links in Wellbeing
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: Carli Phillips BHSc, MBA – Mental Health First Aider
Is your wellbeing program ad hoc or put together last minute and not seeing any positive employee benefits? Join Carli Phillips presenting her evidence-based research on tips and action plans to create a better wellbeing program.

Do you know your OHS Duties? 
Knowledge Centre
Speaker: Cameron Hannebery, special counsel, Lander & Rogers
Refresh your knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic) in this seminar led by Cameron Hannebery. Covering topics on duties of employers to workers, this session will also touch on neglected topics such as Workplace manslaughter and recent officer and other prosecutions.

Workplace Health & Safety Management, Powered by Microsoft
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: Thai Phan, head of Growth, Clade Solutions
This session will introduce attendees to a new Workplace Health & Safety Management tool developed using Microsoft technology to help organisations simplify their workplace health and safety practices. Thai will provide detailed information on this cloud-based, next-gen health & safety solution and how it will help enable better safety practices.

Early Intervention: Why it’s critical to get it right
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: James Murray, founder and managing director, Work Healthy Australia
In this presentation, James will take you through the importance of creating a safe culture, building trust between your workers and healthcare provider, if you have the proper process in place and actions on maximising your investment in a workplace health and safety program. Call this a presentation on what “early intervention” means!

Meet the Inspectors (part 1)
Spotlight Stage
WorkSafe Victoria Inspectors
WorkSafe Victoria inspectors will chair a panel, to provide real-time information and answer your questions.

DAY 2 – Thursday 26 MAY

Brain Chemistry: Impact on Health, Safety, Mental Wellbeing and Performance
Knowledge Centre
Speaker: Greg McLoughlin, managing director, Health by Design
This presentation examines how neurotransmitters and neural pathways impact health, safety choices, mental wellbeing and performance in all aspects of our lives. Also, investigating COVID impacts such as ‘work from home’ and better or less suited profiles to the new working culture.

Digitally Transforming Safety in the Workplace
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: Corey Burford, managing director, Skytrust
The move from a traditional working style to a more digitally focused world has impacted all organisations globally. This session will take you through the benefits of moving away from paper and spreadsheets and transforming into a digital world that provides a single system for all your compliance needs.

The Psychological Stresses of Prosecutions and how to manage them
Knowledge Centre
Speaker: Alan Girle, special counsel, Macpherson Kelley
A workplace incident that results in human injury is a highly stressful event. It affects everyone in the organisation and the employee’s friends and family. Managing that stress is an important legal, moral and commercial task. Alan Girle of Macpherson Kelley looks at the various stressors in the post-incident environment and offers techniques for managing and minimising those stressors.

Knowledge Centre
Speaker: Gloria Morosinotto, director, Contract Safety Solutions
Small and medium Australian employers are undeniably the backbone to the Australian economy. WorkSafe Victoria offers support to small and medium Victorian employers through its OHS Essentials free workplace safety consultation service. The WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program offers three free OHS consultations to small and medium businesses over a 12-month period. The service is not only free, it is provided by consultants who have expertise in the specific industry, is personalised to suit the business needs and completely confidential. It is a valuable and beneficial service that is highly regarded and recommended for small to medium employers.

Using Wearable Technology to reduce injury risk and improve RTW
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: Scott Coleman, managing director, Preventure
This session will give delegates a background on the use of wearable technology for movement analysis and practical demonstration on how technology and data analysis can quantify the physical demands of tasks.

Practical Guide to Preventing Work-related Back Pain
Knowledge Centre
Speaker: Mark Alexander, BPhty (Hons) MPhty (Sports) MBA
Research shows that up to 9 out of 10 adults suffer back pain. Bringing 15 years of expert knowledge as a Sports Physiotherapist treating Olympic athletes and thousands of back pain sufferers, Mark will share his meaningful insights on this epidemic.

The Destruction of a Person’s Career and Life Expectations
Spotlight Stage
Speaker: Mark Heaysman, CEO, Longitude6 Pty Ltd
Supported by video, technology and data analysis, this presentation uses a young person’s journey as a case study to show what happens to a human body when exposed physically day after day and what measures can be adapted to change it.

Meet the Inspectors (part 2)
Spotlight Stage
WorkSafe Victoria Inspectors
WorkSafe Victoria inspectors will chair a panel, to provide real-time information and answer your questions.

What: Workplace Health & Safety Show Melbourne 2022
When:  Wednesday 25 – Thursday 26 May 2022
Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Entry: Free, registration required
Hashtag: #WHSS2022