Will Japan’s 2011 earthquake change manufacturing forever?

 The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that hit Japan have woken up the world’s business community to the precariousness of the global supply chain, according to a TIME.com.au blogger.

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In Australia alone, electronics and car parts will take longer to reach us, and those of us who tap-in to Japan’s sophisticated automotive and electronics supply chains will feel the sting of loss.

But there are opportunities, too, for home-grown products to take the spotlight.

"Japan is a major manufacturer of all kinds of stuff that goes into other stuff, like car parts and chips, and the disruption of production in Japan in the wake of the natural catastrophe has ricocheted around the globe," said the blogger.

"General Motors had to idle a small truck factory, and production in the global auto industry could be hampered for months by short supplies of parts. In Europe, the interruptions in Japan are expected to strain supply chains already being tested by rising demand, likely putting upward pressure on prices of inputs."

Image courtesy of Reuters.

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