What to expect at AUSPACK PLUS 2013

This year's AUSPACK PLUS will highlight the latest developments in packaging and processing materials.

tna, Emrich Packaging Machinery and Swiss Pack are just three of the companies who will be exhibiting at AUSPACK PLUS 2013 in May at the Sydney Showground.

According to Luigi di Palma, general manager of tna Australia: “As an Australian company, we are always delighted to demonstrate our packaging solutions at AUSPACK PLUS, and this year is no exception.
“tna will be exhibiting the new tna robagFX 3ci high speed vertical form fill and seal packaging machine, which provides up to a 30 per cent improvement in performance in both output and reduction in rejects and achieves unprecedented throughput rates of up to 150bpm.

“Visitors will also experience our seasoning system, the tna intelli-flavOMS 3c. A complete, one-piece solution for both wet and dry seasoning and flavouring, the tna intelli-flavOMS 3c delivers exceptional performance and provides even coverage at throughput rates of 100 – 500 kg per hour for a wide variety of applications.

"Technical experts will also be on-stand to demonstrate our tna rofloHM 3 horizontal motion conveyor, which smoothly distributes goods to minimise losses and breakages. We will also be showcasing our controls and integration expertise, demonstrating how our electrical and control system integration solutions can help manufacturers achieve optimum performance in their production lines by reducing inefficiencies and maximising output.”

Emrich Packaging Machinery will be exhibiting a wide range of equipment on their stand including the PFM ZC1 integrated multi-head weigher and bagging machine and the Adco 15D105 horizontal hand load cartoner.

The PFM ZC1 integrated multi-head weigher and bagging machine is designed for mid-speed duties up to 80 bags per minute and targets products such as snacks, confectionery, pet-food, granular products, biscuits, pasta, etc.

The ZCI meets the need for an inexpensive system that nevertheless offers a high degree of flexibility, accuracy and is simple to use.

The absence of a gantry reduces cost and machine footprint compared with conventional systems while the compact nature of the unit also allows elevators and other support equipment to be downsized for further savings in capital.

The Adco 15D105 horizontal hand load cartoner is designed for easy conversion to a fully automatic barrel cam machine and available to run in either continuous and intermittent mode, the 15D105 delivers class-leading carton erecting performance and flexibility in a compact and economical package.

Fast changeover, simple operation and clean design make the 15D105 ideal for the most demanding production environments. All ADCO machines are constructed in stainless steel and available in standard and washdown configurations.

Following a very successful AUSPACK PLUS in 2011 Swiss Pack will also be heading to Sydney to showcase their new product line of machines. In the past Swiss Pack had been concentrating only on packaging materials; however they have now branched out into packaging machines.

According to Brendan Yee, general manager – flexible division, Swiss Pack are now able to design, install and service various packaging machinery.

“Our packaging machines are suitable for all solids, liquids and powders – such as: VFFS, Mini pouch packing machines, coffee packing machines, flow wrappers, shrink tunnels, rotary pouch packing machines, and carton packaging solutions."

The Swiss Pack range of materials is extensive and covers both flexible and rigid packaging types such as: pre-formed pouches, flat bottom box pouches, printed rewind, shrink sleeves, woven PP bags, printed cardboard boxes, buckets and pails and custom moulding jars and containers.

MPI Australia, Esko Australia and Paksmart Machinery have announced details of the equipment set to take the limelight at their respective stands, with a suite of new offerings ranging from tray sealing machines and high speed friction feeders to carton machines, high speed bagging equipment, x-ray machines and palletisers

Paksmart has revealed it will be showing its new PF400 high speed friction feeder for the feeding of flat paper, fibreboard and plastic products and some sachet style packets.

The PF400 is designed for high-speed production lines in conjunction with other machinery such as conveyors, glue systems, labellers, inkjet printers and other PF400s.

The machine can also be used for other purposes such as tipping, inserting, offline coding and collating.

Also on display from Paksmart will be its PC40 carton machine, an intermittent motion carton machine with automatic end loader and using a new generation servo motor drive technology to load at up to 40 cycles per minute.

Privately owned local company Esko Australia, meanwhile, plans to showcase a large range of equipment suitable as part of a processing, filling, retorting, packaging, palletising/de-palletising or packing line for PET or glass bottles and jars, pouches, trays and cans.

MPI Australia, for its part, will be exhibiting newly released state-of-the-art products including the launch of its PA SL4 Eclipse range of tray sealing machines, the launch of APS FAS for high speed bagging and the launch of the Safeline X3310 x-ray machine.

It will also be exhibiting a new concept for economical bagging of consumable and industrial products and protective packaging from its Autobag range of equipment, as well as the Automac tray stretch wrapping machine, the Shrinkmaster L bar sealer and shrink tunnel and Cryovac Polyolefin shrink film.

Visitors can expect to see over 1100 brands and 270 exhibitors, including 68 internationals, all under one roof. AUSPACK PLUS 2013 is a ‘must-attend’ exhibition on the Australian Packaging and Processing calendar and will be held at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park from Tuesday the 7th to Friday the 10th of May 2013.