When and where to use an “oil free screw or scroll compressor”


Image credit: BOGE.

It is important to note, that, in an oilfree screw compressor, the compression chamber is isolated from the lubricated compressor system as a whole, whereas the smaller range of scroll compressors have no lubricated parts and are completely oil free.  

The larger oil free screw compressors are indispensable for applications such as the pharmaceutical, food production, food packaging and semiconductor industriesAs no oil is used at the compression stage, the compressed air produced is completely oil-free – without the need for costly filters and ensuring no contamination of the end product. 

The smaller range of oil free scroll compressors can be used for medical, dental and specialised instrument air. Both types offer maximum safety and maximum efficiency – ideal for critical oil free applications. 

Normally “Class 0” can be achieved with an oil free air compressor as long as it is accompanied by the correct filtration. The required class is determined by the needs of the application and required standards which can apply globally and specifically for Australia. 

The smaller range of BOGE oil free screw compressors range from 45 to 90kW, produce up to 460cfm and can be air cooled or water cooled with variable speed drive as an option. From 110 to 355kW the machines are water cooled also with VSD as an option and producing up to 1815cfm. 

Key features of the German engineered BOGE oil free screw compressors include: 

  • Doors, pillars, supports and panels are lined with thick, flush-fitting sound insulation materials reducing noise levels. 
  • Small, precise gap dimensions and easily removable panels make for fast and efficient access for service. 
  • Base frame with anti-vibration mounts means lower cost for installation. 
  • Noise levels are also reduced by use of pulsation dampers and compensators reducing vibrations. 

The BOGE PRIME controller is specially developed for the oil free screw compressor and features: 

  • Plain text display 
  • Generous, backlit LC display 
  • All operation parameters visible on 3 main displays 
  • Real time clock 
  • Programming memory 
  • Possible expandability of the controller 

These features minimise energy consumption, reduce wear and tear and can communicate with higher level controls and visualisation. 

Sensitive work environments such as dental surgeries and hospitals have relied on 100 per cent oil-free compressed air from BOGE for many years. Our scroll compressors have been specially developed for such conditions where completely oil-free air is a must. The closer a compressor gets to the workplace, the more crucial the sound pressure level becomes. The scroll compressor really comes into its own here, with whisper-quiet operation and minimal vibrations. Perfect for example in laboratories or hospitals. The larger machines are ‘modular’ giving the flexibility of greater efficiency and adding more scrolls if needed (this feature is model specific).


Some of the renowned features of the BOGE scroll compressors include: 

  • Very quiet operation 
  • Minimal vibration 
  • Advanced FOCUS-2 controller allowing connection to multiple machines 
  • Modular design 

The FOCUS controller used in the BOGE scroll compressors is an intelligent control concept. It is a state of the art modular controller which is simple to use and read. It can also serve as a network for up to four compressors. 

In oil free applications clean dry air is also a necessity. Since the compressors still draw air to compress from the existing ambient atmosphere, moisture and sometimes particles or harmful microbes need to be removed. 

Depending on the application BOGE offer several types of dryers. The refrigerated air dryer that removes moisture and returns the air at temperature and the adsorption or desiccant dryer that can reduce the temperature up to minus 70deg C. 

Oil free compressor applications normally require expert advice and a thorough assessment of the customer needs to ensure correct sizing and to achieve the correct class of air to suit the customer’s needs. 

For expert advice contact your nearest authorised BOGE partner please see www.boge.net.au for contacts, or call (03) 5940 5913