Staying loyal to customers

Helping customers meet their needs time and time again is key for Blesbok Enterprises as the company sees value in forging long-term bonds.

Blesbok Enterprises has been engaged in sourcing for companies worldwide for more than 15 years. Starting with sourcing a lock for its first, and still loyal, customer, the business has shown growth throughout this period.

The Blesbok team assists businesses that are under increased operational pressure to see a way forward in how to competitively manufacture and attend to the marketing of their product.

Rising costs set against static or falling market pricing for products, cheaper overseas products, using cheaper overseas labour and trade conditions, have been key to Blesbok’s success in making its customers more competitive.

Blesbok offers a complete B2B process. From initial engineering drawings and quoting, to a fully qualified manufacturing program to final logistics of delivery. The Blesbok team has engineering and manufacturing personnel on staff to assist with drawing control as well as English-speaking engineers on staff based in China to ensure all manufacturing is quality controlled.

Blesbok takes quality control seriously, therefore every delivery comes with a unique Blesbok guarantee.

This means that mass production will always be the same as approved samples.

The company puts value on procedures and systems that ensure there are never unexpected surprises.

Blesbok Enterprises CEO, Nevil Lazarus, said things can go wrong in any business, but Blesbok’s tight systems mean that issues are predominantly rectified before shipping.

“We are always on the side of our customers – offering our absolute guarantee at all times.”

Lazarus said that Blesbok’s growth has come at a time when changes within the manufacturing environment has seen a reduction in practical technical skilled personnel in the Australian manufacturing arena.

With the loss of the big car industries, which drove apprenticeships and the many layers of local suppliers, practical engineering at grass roots levels has diminished and is often being taught in overseas facilities.

Blesbok has a team of engineers on staff, headed by Matthew Phillips, a fitter and turner with more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience, and Shane Koopman, a toolmaker with more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing area.

Systems are now in place for ambitious expansion plans. The Blesbok team work to ensure a smooth transition from its current facility to one of the many facilities they have in China or Vietnam.

The wide Blesbok portfolio has expanded from the initial lock sourced to now cover product bases including metal components, fibreglass products, composite material expertise and glass products.

“Our team is engaged fully in the commitment of personnel, technical engineers and logistics to ensure your transition is smooth and seamless,” said Lazarus.

“Our knowledge of China sourcing is second to none. We have a large portfolio of clients who benefit from dealing with us.”

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