SP Tools making an impact in heavy industry


The nuts and bolts of heavy industry require powerful tools like an impact socket to fasten in place. The super-strength of an impact socket tool comes from the chrome moly steel it is cast from and can essentially give superpowers to the one who wields it.

“Impact Sockets are designed to receive higher torque loads, which are delivered by a percussive method,” says Tom Tucker, Founder and Director of SP Tools. “This load needs to be accounted for in the design, therefore impact sockets are designed to be thicker and made from a more durable material.”

SP Tools has become the industry leader in standards for both large and small fasteners. SP impact sockets are constructed from chrome molybdenum steel, a ductile material that adds additional elasticity to the socket and tends to bend or stretch rather than shatter.

SP Tools premium range of impact sockets and accessories have been designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, according to Tom. He describes of the scope of SP impact sockets by the breadth of their application.

“Impact sockets are used on a wide and varied range of heavy industry applications like cars and trucks, mining equipment, maritime equipment, ocean liners, large-scale plumbing and piping, and installation of power generators, primarily because of its higher breaking strain.”

“A normal hand socket is made from chrome which works well for small spaces where a component can be easily removed,” he says. “It’s easier to manufacture a small standard socket, but with larger impact sockets, you need a better quality, more flexible material,” says Tom.

To put the importance of an impact socket’s quality in perspective, Tom explains with a safety example.

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