Sheave Solution is a cinch for custom winch application


“We have a higher standard of quality that we stand behind, and I believe that’s why Australian Certified Winches – a respected and sought-after OEM for custom winches – chooses us,” exclaims Engineering Design Hub manager, Josh Price.

It’s Josh’s job to oversee any design or fabrication work undertaken by BSC and ensure it meets both the company’s elevated standards and “the high standard expected from our customers.” Recently, this included an order from Australian Certified Winches for a number of custom-designed sheaves.

“Australian Certified Winches have been a customer of ours for the past four years. We primarily provide roller side bearings and housings that will support their rope drums,” he explains.

“Recently, however, we supplied an order for them which included sheaves at various grades made to Australian code – this was for an offshore application. They know and trust us to supply a quality product and to deliver on time, which is why we received this special order.”

According to Grant Barrett, director of Australian Certified Winches, the sheaves are part of a series of custom winches that have been made for various ship-loading applications in an offshore mining operation.

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