How SEW-Eurodrive alleviates downtime pressures


Own equipment manufacturers, system integrators and end users alike consider end-to-end service to be crucial to their success. SEW-Eurodrive’s value proposition is a prime example of this principle in action, ensuring constant motion of production lines and manufacturing equipment.

Quality, service and delivery in conjunction with other support offerings need to be all encompassing if they are to create a competitive advantage for the customer. At SEW-Eurodrive, the process begins with knowledgeable sales and engineering teams facilitating the selection of an optimum solution, and continues for the life of the product with ongoing support and maintenance delivered by dedicated service and repair teams. 


SEW-Eurodrive’s products stand for variety, quality, reliability, and innovative strength. These characteristics are at the core of its entire product portfolio. Not only is the value of quality implemented throughout the product design process but also instilled in its employees at all levels within the realms of responsibility through its quality policy.  

The company’s quality objectives include striving for continual improvement in its systems, processes, products and services through ongoing staff training and development; seeking and responding to customer feedback; and providing a world’s best practice safe working environment, complemented with 24-hour service and support.  

“We have been very impressed with the support and service that their team has provided over this time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SEW to any OEM wanting a quality product, backed by excellent service and support.” – Phil, engineer.

Australian SEW Eurodrive operations are ISO 9001 certified in Quality Management Systems. The scope of the qualification covers the sales, assembly, supply, service and technical support for mechanical power transmission equipment and electric variable speed drives. The registration also covers the design of customised drive base assemblies and associated components.  

Service and support

Service and support begins with the pre-sales process often well before the sale of a drive solution. SEW-Eurodrive’s offering continues through the sales process and then into the installation and maintenance phases.  

During the installation and commissioning stage customers can benefit by engaging with reputable support professionals, often resulting in increased system readiness due to reduction of installation errors and commissioning uncertainty.  

Further down the line, the service cycle encompasses ongoing support to optimise the performance of the drive application and minimise maintenance requirements. SEW-Eurodrive’s service experts are up to date with the latest drive technology, and it facilitates this with comprehensive product training, the knowledge that it is happy to pass on to you, to keep your system operational. 

A team member has assisted us with our gantry application on MovidriveB from prototyping proof of concept until initial commissioning done yesterday at our site. Their professional skills talent and demeanor has been most appreciated and a further token of trust has increased in our relationship with SEW.” – Shabbir, senior electrical engineer.


The modular nature of its vast product portfolio, backed by industry leading investment in stock holding, provides the means to supply products in a relatively short time frame, in the case of emergency breakdown the supply process can be expedited to accommodate plant operators’ urgent requirements. 

In the case of legacy or non-proprietary product replacement SEW-Eurodrive’s engineering team is able to reengineer a modern-day product which will not only save energy but also reduce ongoing maintenance efforts. This demand to quickly turnaround service and repair requests has proven crucial in the quest to establish a network of service and support centres across Australia, in close proximity to the company’s customer base. 

“Just want to pass on how pleased I was with the after hours service Tuesday morning. The guys were pleasant and attentive to our needs after being woken up at 2:30am. We also get great delivery turn around with items already on their way, before I even have asked the question. Another reason why we stick with SEW!” Craig, engineering manager.

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