Screw compressor designed to take the lead 


BOGE Cairpacs assist manufacturers by minimising rises of unplanned plant stoppages.

Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out about the new S-4 series screw compressors, featuring breakthrough energy savings and easy maintenance.  

The new innovative Series – 4 screw compressors mark both the 4th generation of air compressors for BOGE as well as the 4th generation of the family owners of the company. BOGE now enjoys a history of over 115 years of ‘First Class Engineering made in Germany’. With the new S-4 models the 4th  generation of the popular S-series is already starting out to encourage and spearhead industrial progress. This generation not only makes it possible to achieve a significant breakthrough with saving energy, but also takes sound insulation and ease of maintenance to an entirely new level.  

If you need continuous compressed air, then BOGE screw compressors are your first choice. The S-4 series from BOGE sets the standard for the quiet, efficient and reliable generation of compressed air. Compressed air is, after all, one of the most important auxiliary supplies in industry and trade. And as varied as your demands might be, their long-lasting technology, minimal need for maintenance and improvements to achieve maximum efficiency will fit perfectly wherever you need a reliable compressed air supply.  

New models include 55, 75, 90, 110, 132 and 160kW with fixed speed and variable speed options from 7.5 to 13bar. 

Features of the S-4 compressors include: 

  • BOGE air end 
    The core of the new S-4 range, the BOGE airend, is not just the first airend with this design, it is also the promising new test vehicle in technologies aiming to reduce energy consumption and noise pollution. All of the components are generously sized, which explains the low internal pressure losses and its enormous efficiency levels.
  • Sound-optimised cooling air duct
    Reduced noise levels due to specific insulation measures at the deflection points. The drive and airend naturally generate sound pressure. With the new S..-4, every effort has been made to ensure none of the pressure escapes: the multi-deflection cooling air duct deals with noise in a very effective manner. And to ensure this does not cause any losses in cooling performance, the space for the cooling air duct has been designed very generously from the start. 
  • Low-speed radial fan
    The low-volume radial fan operates at a particularly low speed which not only has a positive effect on the sound pressure, but also lowers the drive power of the fan, increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. As an extra, the fan can also be fitted with a speed control to further reduce noise levels and power demand. 
  • Elastic “Silent-Mount” suspension
    The principle of isolation from vibrations is key across the whole design of the S-4. The drive motor and the airend are attached flexibly to the base frame, thereby also separating them from the effects of vibration. Each of these characteristics helps reduce the noise level from the device.
  • Maintenance-friendly design based on easy access 
    All sound-insulating panels on the S-4 can be removed for fast access in next to no time. Regular maintenance work can be performed from just two sides: Changing the oil and separation cartridge takes place at the front of the machine, likewise the suction regulator, minimum pressure valve and oil regulator. Only the oil filter, the air filter and the primary intake air filter are changed from the side. 
  • Innovative separation technology for safe, convenient cartridge replacement
    New swivel mechanism for the cover makes changing cartridges faster and reduces the risk of accidents 

Simply everything under control 

An intelligent control concept underlies the formidable growth in efficiency of this series. The modular focus control 2.0 is state-of-the-art, because it allows you to simply have everything under control – with the emphasis on “simply”: this higher level control, which also serves as a network control for up to four fixed and/or frequency-controlled compressors. Everything is simple: you authenticate yourself via the RFID-Chip, and intuitively control the various functions, this makes compressed air generation more efficient and reliable. 

The BOGE S-4 with integrated dryer is well regarded for its efficiency and low noise levels.

S-4 Screw compressor with integrated dryer – taking efficiency to a new level 

Energy-efficient, high-performance, low noise and compact: BOGE S-4 series is already well-known for these characteristics. But now the compressed air specialist is expanding its portfolio to include screw compressors with an optional integrated dryer. Available in the 55 to 110 kW models, they still provide all the typical benefits of the compressors in the S-4 range but also provide users with extremely low pressure losses and excellent reliability of the refrigerant compressed air dryer. Thanks to the intelligent integration of the dryer into the marginally extended device body, the unit only require very little extra space for installation in comparison to the addition of a separate downstream refrigerant dryer with the associated additional piping, this compares favourably with additional higher installation and overall costs. The refrigerant dryer’s electronics and control systems are integrated directly into the compressor controller. 

Reduced footprint and quieter operation 

Thanks to its large-scale design, the BOGE S-4 screw compressor provides high delivery volumes with low power consumption. The core element of every individual compressor is the compression pump designed and produced in-house, and the robust integrated power transmission or direct drive with speed control. The optimally designed cooling air duct and the vertical oil separator that has been isolated from any mechanical vibration ensure the very quietest operation.  

Even the integration of the refrigerant dryer into the device has not had any effect on the compressor’s noise emissions. In the case of the S56-4, for example, the volume remains just 68 dB(A).  

The compressed air has a pressure dew point of 3°C and is suitable for use across a range of applications. One huge advantage of these S-4 compressors is their reduced footprint in comparison with similar compressors with separate downstream refrigeration – having a different unit to dry the compressed air means increased installation costs for both the electrics and pipework. 

All inclusive: our Cairpacs 

Original BOGE parts are tested prior to release for several thousand hours to ensure consistently high system efficiency and to minimise the risk of unplanned machine stoppages. Regular maintenance with original BOGE parts, therefore, protects your investment. Our BOGE cairpac maintenance packages include all the parts required for maintenance and cost less than the sum of the individual parts. 

About BOGE Compressors Australasia 

BOGE Compressors have been established in Australia since 2006 and was incorporated as an independent subsidiary in 2010. BOGE Australia import and distribute BOGE high-quality German machines, spare parts and all ancillary equipment through a comprehensive network of fully-trained sales and service partners throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. 

Managing director Zahid Rasool notes that with the increasing demand for compressors, BOGE Compressors Australia keeps a large range of machines in stock, ready for delivery. This includes oil-injected screw compressors from 5.5hp up to 220hp, oil-free scroll compressors from 4kW to 22kW, a large range of medical and desiccant dryers, refrigerated air dryers to over 2,000cfm, 40bar boosters, and a large range of spare parts. 

For more information contact BOGE Compressors Australia: (03) 5940 5913 

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