Schneider Electric launches industrial safety products

Creating a safe and efficient work environment is of paramount importance to every business owner and plant manager. As the danger level presented by industrial equipment increases, so, too, must the strength of the solutions put in place to keep those areas safe and secure.

Schneider Electric have recently launched in Australia a series of new industrial safety products, including the Telemecanique XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor and Harmony range of pushbuttons.

Both products present unique safety features to help any industrial operation, uphold the highest safety standards across a number of different industries.

XCSR Adjustable Sensing
XCSR Adjustable Sensing

New contactless RFiD safety sensor

Telemecanique, a Schneider company, has launched in Australia the XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor. It is TUV certified with a Cat4/PLe – SIL3 rating. This essentially means that when you install the XCSR RFiD safety sensor, your dangerous machine area is sealed off by a product with the highest rated safety level. It sends a message to employees that their safety is of utmost importance.

In addition to its high performance rating, the new XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor also enhances safety because it is virtually tamper-proof. The ready-to-use transponder and reader are factory-paired and sold together with a unique, high-level coding which is virtually impossible to bypass or disrupt. Once this highly effective safety system is in place, it’s functionality can’t be altered.

The XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor switches offer three different connection types to fit virtually any type of industrial environment. These include:

Standalone: The standalone model of the new XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor allows the direct connection to the contactors. It has integrated safety functions such as monitoring of the contactors and manual or automatic start and restart functions.

Series: The Series model of the new XCSR RFiD safety sensor allows direct connection to a simple safety relay and series diagnosis through a diagnostic module. There is no programming software needed. The series model comes with integrated M12 series connectors and eliminates the need of T or Y connectors.

Single: The single model of the new XCSR RFiD safety sensor allows point-to-point connections to a safety controller.


Harmony range of pushbuttons

The Harmony range has been expanded and improved with redesigned products for a modern look and feel and new IP69-rated products.

“Schneider Electric strives to bring OEMs, panel builders, and end users the robust performance and efficiency-enhancing features they need. Harmony products are easy to select, and easy to order as well around the globe,” said Mellisa Ooi, Offer Manager, Industry Product Marketing, Schneider Electric.

The Harmony range is available in both plastic and metal body versions and comes in a vibrant colour palette to give machine control interfaces a contemporary appearance. The new Harmony flush products are robust and pleasant to touch, enhancing the intrinsic and perceived quality of machines and electrical panels without significantly increasing costs.

Harmony products meet the performance requirements of machines and electrical panels in severe environments, as proved by the compliance to IEC and UL international standards and marine certifications.

  • High dust and water resistance: IP66, IP67, IP69, IP69K, Type 13, Type 4X
  • Operating temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C
  • High impact resistance up to IK06.

With the Harmony range, Schneider Electric now offers the most comprehensive industrial pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights lineup on the market available through 17,000 points of sale worldwide.

Company: Schneider Electric