Safety gated community with Pilz

With the modular safety gate system from Pilz, it is possible to tailor a safety gate interlock to suit an industrial environment that has machine tools, presses, packaging or special purpose machinery.

This modular system allows the creation the gate interlock needed while still taking advantage of the benefits of economical series connection, rapid diagnostics, additional control, and push button operation plus an optional escape release.

Two safety gate sensors, PSENmlock and PSENslock, can be combined with a range of components to create gate interlock to suit operational purposes, rather than an “off the shelf” gate interlock that isn’t ideal for a plant. When it concerns the safety of workers and machinery, the exact fit, and not just a close fit, is needed.


The PSENslock offers safe positon monitoring with process guard locking all in one system. It is a non-contact safety gate system which provides a safe alternative to existing mechanical technology to prevent swing gates and sliding gates from being opened unintentionally.

With an electromagnetic holding force of up to 1000 Newton (N) and a manipulation-proof actuator, the PSENslock unit combines safety gate monitoring with a non-contact magnetic interlock.

This combination of safe position monitoring and process guard locking means that PSENslock non-contact safety gate systems are suitable for universal use.

Pilz safety gate systems combine safety, standard and diagnostic functions in one unit, and are suitable for rugged environments.

Featuring an open design, these safety gate systems can be connected to Pilz control technology as well as any other standard evaluation device. As a result, Pilz components can also be retrofitted to plant and machinery.


The PSENmlock offers safety gate monitoring and safe guard locking for the protection of personnel and processes to the highest category PL e in one device. This is a reliable safety interlock for small, light, large or heavy doors and gates.

The flexibly mounted actuator ensures high tolerance compensation and unrestricted functionality even with sagging gates. With a holding force of 7500 N and the integrated latching force of 30 N, PSENmlock prevents the guard from opening inadvertently. This makes PSENmlock particularly suitable for machines with a hazardous overrun such as rotating knives, flywheels or robots.

Additionally, an integrated mechanical restart interlock prevents the guard from being closed, without the need for separate accessories. Not only does the restart interlock make operating the machine safer, it also prevents an unexpected restart during maintenance operations.

Escape releases

In the unfortunate situation that someone is trapped inside the hazardous area, the new Escape Release accessories can be used to deactivate the locking mechanism on PSENmlock, allowing the trapped person a means of escape.

There are two different escape releases are available to add to PSENmlock. One variant connects directly to the PSENmlock while a remotely connected version uses a cordset that utilises a pull-push wire. This enables the installation of the safety gate system and escape release to be physically separate. This system is easy to install and low maintenance as the pull-push wire does not have to be under tension.


The new Pilz PITgatebox allows easy operation of your safety gate system at the touch of a button via four pre-configured combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and ESTOP. These pushbutton units enable commands to activate, stop or reset a machine or system.

The PITgatebox’s slim design means the robust control unit, can be installed quickly and easily on standard profile systems. The die cast zinc housing offers shock, vibration and collision resistance. With the incorporated M12 12-pin connection and rotatable end caps, the unit is easily integrated into new or existing plant and machinery.

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