A safe solution that can make you money

Ask yourself, is the machinery you’re working with truly safe? As standards have changed in Australia, it has become confusing for some whether they are meeting the standards or not.

Fluidsentry has found that the potential energy of fluid power (pneumatics or hydraulics) are often neglected during system design. Shy of being able to see inside the system plumbing, operators have no way to confirm if the machinery is truly safe before putting themselves in harm’s way.

Fluidsentry’s range of products offer a solution to avoid unintentional machine startups where the machine is fluid power driven. With the vision of ‘Industry without Injuries,’ Fluidsentry has been working for 20 years keeping Australian machine operators safe using their technology. Their range of monitored valves work to divert fluid power away from machines and ensure they cannot come alive while being accessed.

As an interlocking engineering control to avoid amputation and fatalities, the team at Fluidsentry have found that using their systems can offer their customer the added benefit of increased productivity. One case study completed by the company found that along with the safety benefits, the customer was able to save $50,000 in labour for a single operator machine over the first 12 months after installation.

Company: Fluidsentry

Phone: (03) 9776 4352

Website: www.fluidsentry.com


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