Putting the profit back into your sales

USG says it has revolutionised the way manufacturers take their products to market by providing them with a lower cost sales option. Branko Miletic reports.

According to United Sales Group (USG) Director Tim Stone, it makes sense to outsource your sales management functions.

The Newcastle-based company has extensive experience in a range of sales strategies including product entry, sales representation, head office account management and tender and contract management.

“We offer more than just outsourced sales service; we strive to develop partnerships with our clients to be their extended sales function. This model also gives our clients an element of control and input.”

“If you look at our vision statement: ‘United with our clients to achieve common goals’ – this says we strive to grow both businesses by providing mutual successful outcomes.”

“We work with our clients to provide feedback and ideas to help grow their business. This is achieved by detailed reporting from customer visits and market activity monitoring.”

“Every month we meet with our clients to review in detail the past months results and future activity. Our CRM program is very detailed and provides the tools to make informed decisions on growth strategies.” 

“Traditionally, the cost of one sales person (to cover just one fairly narrow geographic area) also includes salary, commissions/bonus, superannuation, insurance, car and running costs, phone, laptop and of course, travel.”

“If you compare this with our ­annual fee to cover the entire continent, where the client will have at the very minimum, over 300 client specific interactions with end users each and every month, or if you like a minimum of 3600 customer interactions for each client per year.”

“Put another way,” said Stone, “a company would need at least three salespeople and a bevy of support staff to cover this activity, which would in the end have a minimum annual cost at least twice what it would pay USG.”

“This means there is more than a 50 per cent cost saving by using the USG model,” noted Stone.

“By using our model, clients can and do save on reduced operating and overhead costs since commissions are only paid on achieved sales and activity budgets that are set mutually by both USG and the client.”

“Furthermore, we have access to various market intelligence companies that provide information on a diverse range of markets all over the world.”

“Currently,” said Stone, “USG is managing the sales departments of a number of local and international companies including Valley Longwall International, DB Mining Supply, White Glacier and PSD Global.”

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