Putting safety first in the manufacturing workplace

Enware has a range of safety devices suited for various manufacturers that could readily save a body part or more.

Manufacturing facilities, especially those that deal with chemical agents or liquid substances are riddled with risks, both hidden and out in the open. Not knowing these risks and how to overcome them can potentially result in serious injury, impairment of senses or in worst case scenarios, the loss of life.

In the event of an emergency, access to the correct aid equipment is critical. Besides first aid, facilities that deal with hazardous liquids or chemicals should be stocked with an assortment of equipment tailored to the work environment. Hence, coupled with immediate response to an emergency, a workplace injury can be minimised. It is therefore important that all manufacturers dealing with hazardous substances and material be well equipped with the right equipment.

Companies that specialise in safety like Enware Australia have an extensive range of emergency first response showers, eye washes and eye face washes. These solutions cater to a variety of customers. Sometimes, certain customers may require a degree of customisation to the safety solutions and Enware is well positioned to ensure these customers meet their respective safety initiatives.

“When it comes to an injury, the quickest response ensures minimal damage to the affected person. Typically, WHS officers who are entrusted in choosing such products for a plant would assess the levels of protection that a plant requires. Enware’s safety systems are designed to deliver an effective response when accidents happen and are hence a choice product,” said Louis Rizzolo, general marketing manager, Enware Australia.

All of Enware’s emergency systems are certified compliant to Australian Standard AS4775 as well as ANSI Z358.1.

“Enware produces a whole line of safety equipment solutions for hospitals, airlines right up to the industrial sectors like mining, petrochemical, oil refinery, chemical manufacturing, handling and storage, as well as laboratories,” said Rizzolo.

Vertech Technology

Enware’s Vertech technology features the “Zero Velocity” point. For both the eye washes and showers, the reduced water velocity is gentle and effective helping allow a greater amount of time in the flushing zone, which is important especially when cleansing the sensitive eyeballs from hazardous materials.

“The unique feature about the eye washes and shower is all about how the water hits the eye and the face to clean away contaminants – all while providing more comfort and control. There are dedicated eyewash streams for targeted flushing of affected eyes and adjustable angle wash streams to provide optimal coverage of the face,” said Rizzolo.

The Vertech Technology is a standard for all Enware’s plumbed emergency eye and eye/face wash equipment including combination showers.

Tobin’s portable Eyewash System

In some workplaces, having a nearby portable eye wash system is critical because it allows injured employees to get immediate care before proceeding to the first response emergency shower or eye wash station.

“Tobin’s Eyewash System is a specially designed system that delivers the fastest application for most kinds of eye accidents,” said Rizzolo. Generally, chemicals in the eye can potentially cause damage within seconds. It requires a soft stream flow to minimise stress on the eye. In total, a one litre bottle would give approximately three minutes washing time. In addition, the bottles can easily be removed from a stand and taken along during transportation to a doctor. Tobin’s Eyewash Systems are internationally proven and distributed throughout Australia by Enware.

The Enware promise

Rizzolo pointed out that one of the reasons why they produce the highest quality safety products is because of their continued collaboration with their customers. With bespoke manufacturing capabilities, Enware produces all of its products right here in Australia.

“At the end of the day, safety is our main specialty as we take our customers’ concerns around safety with the highest regard,” said Rizzolo.

“Enware makes sure that we work together very closely with our customers to ensure we are able to supply them with the best solutions. We are able to sit down with any customer, discuss with them their needs in the area of safety and then customise a safety product or solution based around those needs.”

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