The key challenges facing the pulp and paper industry in Industry 4.0

Productivity and profitability under environmental guidelines are key challenges for the pulp and paper industry in Industry 4.0.

The pulp andpaper industry consists of businesses that mainly manufacture wood pulp, paper or paperboard from a variety of inputs including woodchips, clay, lime, dyes, chemical resins and recycled paper. While the introduction of electronic alternatives has driven down total consumption of paper products, particularly newsprint, demand on machinery maintenance has increased. Heading into Industry 4.0, paper recycling mills are being more pressed than ever to focus on process efficiency and machine reliability.

Market forces and increasing regulatory demands have made it harder than ever for pulping, paper making, and converting operations to be profitable. Energy and raw material costs are high and getting higher, as are the costs associated with new health, safety and environmental legislations.

Keeping in mind all the above aspects, it is crucial for paper mills to find solutions aimed at boosting production while reducing operational costs associated with maintenance.

John Sample Group, through its JSG Industrial Systems business, holds the distribution rights to SKF/ Lincoln Lubrication Systems across the Asia Pacific. JSG Industrial Systems has been providing access to products and solutions from SKF which has the engineering competence to design state of the art bearing assemblies, incorporating customised lubrication systems that greatly extend maintenance shutdown periods.

Why lubrication solutions are vital for pulp and paper processing?

When it comes to pulp and paper operations, it is generally common that all machinery must run continuously even under the harshest working conditions. The lack of lubricant during operation hours might cause unwanted downtimes within the whole operation, which means companies have to face extra high costs that could be anticipated through customised lubrication solutions.

According to Italo Marcantonio, national sales manager at JSG Industrial Systems, around 36% of premature bearing failures are caused by inadequate lubrication, and the bearing failures caused by a contaminated lubricant supply and the percentage of lubrication-related bearing failures can jump up to 50%.

By implementing customised lubrication solutions, pulp and paper mills will drastically increase durability, reliability, availability and productivity by avoiding undesired breakdowns; and enhance safety as unsafe manual lubrication is eliminated. Furthermore, a customised lubrication solution will help minimise friction which will lead to reduction in energy consumption, heat generation, wear and noise. Additionally, it will decrease operating expenses, mitigate product contamination and corrosion, and minimise lubricant consumption and maintenance.

JSG  provides access to a wide range of SKF/ Lincoln products and systems designed to provide lubrication solutions that will reduce lubrication-related manufacturing downtime and excessive lubrication consumption.

For instance, SKF dual-line systems are advanced lubrication solutions that can be used on large machinery with dispersed lubrication points that require varying lubrication quantities. These systems utilize two main lines that are supplied alternately with lubricant from a high-pressure pump via a change-over valve.

SKF dual-lines lubrication systems are developed for use with oil, semi-fluid grease and hard grease. These reliable systems are suitable for a variety of applications including pulp and paper production. They operate effectively in harsh conditions including dirty, wet or humid environments, and extreme temperatures.

When it comes to small to medium-size machines with dispersed lubrication points that also require varying lubrication quantities, JSG Industrial Systems has introduced into the market the SKF progressive lubrication system. A reliable solution fitted with a pump connected to at least one primary metering device ensuring the supply of the correct amount of lubricant at the best time to lubricate. SKF’s progressive lubrication systems are ideal for pulp and paper manufacturing as these cost-effective systems reduce wear and excessive maintenance, and avoid pollution caused by over-lubrication.

JSG Industrial Systems designs, develops, and supplies engineered industrial systems which increase assets lifetime, reduce operational risk and contribute to environmental sustainability. The company provides access to products and services in industrial lubrication, liquid flow management, and fire suppression for a variety of global sectors including manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, transportation, mining, food & beverage, agriculture, marine, energy, construction, and manufacturing.

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