No metal is an island


To extend the life of a piece of a machined equipment, it is necessary to perform regular health checks on its metal components. Every machine needs ample protection against the harsh chemicals and airborne contaminants of an industrial environment, and likewise every part, component, tool, frame, panel and fastener requires its own special kind of protection.  

Mitigating the risks of metal corrosion ranks high on the list of maintenance concerns for manufacturing facilities. BSC product manager for Lubricants, Steve Keown, suggests maintenance and repair workers take careful consideration when assessing whether a product is safe to use on a particular metal component before implementing it. 

“When selecting the right product for the right metal application, it’s important to consider its suitability for the requirements of certain metals,” says Steve. “The aim is to prevent ingress of moisture or chemical residue and protect the metal surface from etching, scratching, wear, thermal expansion, and undue chemical bonds which can occur — especially with softer metals such as aluminium or stainless steel.” 

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