No horsing around when it comes to quality cutting tools


“PFERD is a name synonymous with quality – their original products, which were hand files, go back to the nineteenth century,” says Michael Rowe, BSC’s product manager for abrasives.

“Our partnership with PFERD goes back to nearly 18 years and over this time, we have developed a fair bit of understanding of our customers’ needs. With PFERD offering such an extensive range of metal finishing products, we often work in conjunction with their team to bring a solution to the end user.”

PFERD has been present in Australia for over 35 years, and their products are distributed through BSC Australia across over 160 branches Australia-wide. They stock over 3,800 products including files, burrs, fine finishing, tool drives, grinding wheels at warehouses across all states.

Among the products that BSC supplies on behalf of PFERD are carbide burrs, which are used for cutting, shaping, grinding and for the removal of sharp edges including – as in the namesake – burrs and excess material.

According to Michael, these types of finishing and cutting tools are primarily used among metal fabrication customers. And when it comes to choosing the right burr for the job, Michael Rowe says BSC can assist – and will work jointly with PFERD – to help customers in this endeavour.

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