NMW2017: Four Real-World Case Studies Not To Miss

Delegates heading to this year’s National Manufacturing Week will have the chance to attend a series of seminars, showcases, interactive discussions, and networking sessions addressing the critical touch points that will help drive the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The following list highlights four real-world case studies from companies including Autodesk, Transdev, Textor Technologies, The Anca Group, Quickstep Technologies, TomCar Australia, Onshape and Anatomics Pty Ltd.

 Safe at Transdev – Everyone, Always, May 9, 11.15-11.55am, Safety & Risk Solutions Theatre

In 2016 Transdev embarked on a review of their safety systems and processes as a whole. They worked hard to develop a program that they systematically rolled out across the businesses known as Safe@Transdev – everyone, always.

This program, presented by Transdev GM Group Health and Safety Wayne Richards, sets out a new path for all to improve their knowledge and awareness of what it means to be safe. The project facilitates collaboration, striving for outstanding performance and improving organisational ability and agility across all of Transdev’s businesses to ensure uncompromising safety for all staff.

 Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council SME Showcase, May 10, 11.30-1.00pm, Industry 4.0 Theatre

This fast-paced showcase session will profile a range of Australia’s best performing small to medium manufacturing enterprises. Presentations will highlight some of the characteristics and strategies that are helping build scale, find cutting edge niches, access global supply chains, R&D partnerships and more. This session is hosted by the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, moderated by Northrop Grumman CEO Ian Irving and will feature speakers from Textor Technologies, The Anca Group, Quickstep Technologies, TomCar Australia and Anatomics Pty Ltd.

 The Future of Making Things, May 10, 3.00-3.35pm, Industry 4.0 Theatre

This presentation will give you Autodesk’s perspective on three important characteristics of the future of how things are going to be made. First, what sorts of disruptions are shaping the way consumers and producers make buildings, infrastructure, stories, and products? What are the implications of those disruptions for the way we’re going to work? And what techniques can we employ to manage those disruptions as we enter upon this new era of making things. This session is presented by Autodesk Senior Technical Sales Specialist Matthew McKnight.

 Using full-cloud 3D CAD in Agile product design – collaborative development of the Walkabout Mother Bin, May 10, 2:15-2:55pm, Industry 4.0 Theatre

Agile Product Design is a new approach to build products faster and with more innovation – strongly emphasizing rapid iteration, tight communication between a geographically diverse team, and an openness to embracing change. Transitioning CAD systems and CAD data from individual machines to the cloud is revolutionizing how products evolve from the idea stage to the shelf. In this presentation, Onshape co-founder John McEleney will explore the ways in which cloud-based CAD makes collaboration between designers and manufacturers far more efficient. Using the Walkabout Mother Bin example, McEleney will explore how real-time CAD collaboration versus traditional methods can improve productivity.

 For more information about the National Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition, or to register for the 2017 event, please visit http://www.nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au.

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