New Variable Speed Drive: Brumby Compressor

The CAPS Brumby range of rotary screw air compressors has been extended to include variable speed technology models to significantly increase efficiency.

The CAPS Brumby range of rotary screw air compressors has now been extended to include variable speed compressors to compliment the current fixed speed range. With the option of choosing a tank mounted compressor or a complete solution including tank, dryer and filters, the CAPS Brumby range offers a solution for different air requirements. Both fixed speed and variable speed units are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 15 kW.

Fixed Speed vs VSD – which option is best for your need?

Both kinds of compressors have differences in how they operate. On a fixed speed air compressor, the motor will run at one constant speed/fixed RPM. When air demand is placed on the system, the inlet valve will open, and then close again once the demand is removed. Therefore, due to the motor only running at one fixed speed, it will maintain a pressure of 0.7 bar above the air demand at all time.
A Variable Speed Drive compressor will use a variable speed, or VSD drive, which allows the motor to actually ramp up and down, allowing for power consumption savings. Properly sized for the same end use, a VSD compressor can yield power savings upwards of 35% in some cases.

Energy is always a significant cost to any business and reducing energy consumption can yield large savings. Aside from the variable motor speed when in operation, the inverter in the VSD system performs a “soft” start operation by ramping up the motor speed slowly, which reduce the high draw peaks that are typical when a fixed speed motor is started. This also helps protect electrical and mechanical components from the starting mechanical stresses that can shorten the life of an air compressor.

So, overtime, choosing the variable speed option will save you up to 35 per cent in power cost but will also make your installation last longer and avoid downtimes.

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Exploit your energy consumption

CAPS Brumby direct driven variable speed range of compressors comes in two configurations, receiver mounted (VX Series) or receiver mounted fitted with oversized dryer and pre/ post filtration (CSVX Series). This new design is tailor made for variable speed applications, providing energy efficiency and maximizing energy savings with a low cost of ownership.

Extra air storage capacity for spikes in air demand and longer cycle times

Most machines of this size will sit on a 300-litre receiver tank. Not the Brumby. Boasting a larger air tank ensures you have a consistent flow of compressed air. Not only does a large air tank provide you with consistent levels of compressed air, it also reduces the number of time the unit needs to load – saving you a lot in energy costs!

Integrated refrigerated air dryer and filtration package

The Brumby Complete Solution package delivers the ultimate in air quality, featuring a refrigerated dryer with an electronic controller monitoring key parameters and a filtration package, ensuring the efficient removal of contaminants. This integrated design saves your expensive air tools from damage and extends the overall life of your compressed air equipment.

National coverage, local support

All of our equipment is supported by your local CAPS service team offering after sales support to enhance your energy efficiency, productivity and operations. Whatever you need, you’ll find that we’re just a phone call away for any technical advice, support, products or parts.

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