Meeting the needs of the market: A key for industry success

Industry Capability Network (ICN) has a strong belief in companies that have made a difference with their supply chain networks and are sponsoring this year’s Global Supply Chain Integration Award.

Returning to the Endeavour Awards this year is Industry Capability Network (ICN).

As a business network, ICN has been helping bring together Australian and New Zealand companies on projects for over 30 years.

With support from the Australian and New Zealand state and territory governments, ICN has helped local suppliers with $30 billion worth of contracts so far.

ICN will be sponsoring the Global Supply Chain Integration award at this year’s Endeavour Awards.

“The Endeavour Awards give the opportunity for manufacturers and industry to really showcase their capabilities and their innovative activities in the local marketplace to a wider audience,” ICN executive director, Derek Lark said.

The Global Supply Chain Integration award recognises one Australian-based company that has shown it can connect to global supply chains through strong and innovative business practices.

“Clearly for our sponsored award, it’s all about where the companies have been able to make a difference and enter into a supply chain by being able to tailor their offerings,” Lark said.

Lark believes increasing market demands are making manufacturers trend towards meeting market needs in sectors outside of their comfort zones.

“I think manufacturers are really getting smarter in terms of their agility to meet market needs,” he said. “Market needs are changing fairly rapidly.

“You see a lot of manufacturers able to move from their traditional sectors into sectors where there’s more activity happening, such as in defence or in the health sector and those things.”

And despite the impact of the coronavirus on international trade, local manufacturers are receiving a boost.

“I think the current problems with the coronavirus is also exposing a lot of Australian manufacturers to market opportunities that might have otherwise not been, seeing as people start to search for local supplies for goods that may be difficult to attain,” Lark continued.

Lark says entrants should study the criteria closely when submitting an application.

“As a judge in the past, I can tell you that the thing that the judges really look for is people who answer the criteria that the award is being judged on. It’s very hard to judge an entrant when they haven’t given you sufficient information and data around the questions that are being asked and those applications are the ones that generally get set to one side because there’s just not enough information for you to make a decision on,” he said.

“I think everyone is really keen to see who the overall winner is on the night, but all the awards are very valuable and it’s great to see who is entered, who got shortlisted and what the winners in each category are. It’s always exciting to find that out.

“We’re really excited to be back on board.”

Each year, the Endeavour Awards celebrate the best the manufacturing industry has to offer. Its winners have been some of most innovative and forward-thinking manufacturers in the sector. Now in its 17th year, the 2020 Endeavour Awards will showcase a wide range of accolades up for grabs.

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