Meet the newest Atlas Copco Z Compressor… Oil-free air made easy!

Z compressor

The new Z compressor is built for reliability and durability.

Atlas Copco introduces the Z compressor with variable speed drive, which is designed and manufactured in-house. 

Z compressor
The new Atlas Copco Z compressor delivers oil-free compressed air with minimal maintenance.
Setting the standard in energy efficiency, quality and reliability 

The shortest route to superior productivity is to maximise your output while expending minimum effort. Our new Atlas Copco Z55-90(VSD) STD compressor series is focused on delivering the greatest volume of 100 per cent guaranteed oil-free compressed air while using the least amount of electrical energy and with minimal amounts of maintenance requirements. 

And not just today, but day after day, year after year, with built in reliability and durability to ensure very long, trouble free service life. 

Highest reliability 

For over 50 years, Atlas Copco Z compressors have set the benchmark for durability. They are built using long-standing internal engineering practices, and are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 & OHSAS 18001.  

The newest 55 to 90 kW range uses our 3rd generation state-of-the-art screw technology. The variable speed drive (VSD) version in 75 and 90 kW uses our NEOS in-house designed and manufactured inverters to provide you with the highest reliability and durability. 

100 per cent oil-free compressed air 

The air cooled ZT and water cooled ZR55-90(VSD) STD offers you 100 per cent pure, clean air that complies with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil (2010) certification.  

This means zero risk of contamination of compressed air; zero risk of damage to your products; and zero risk of damaging your company’s hard-won professional reputation. 

Maximum energy efficiency 

The “Generation 3” superior oil-free screw elements provide the optimum combination of high Free Air Delivery (FAD) with the lowest energy consumption.  

Ample sized cooling, low pressure drops and an extremely efficient drive train including motor and inverter on VSD version result in the highest compressor package efficiency. 

The most complete package 

With all Z series compressors, Atlas Copco provides a superior solution without hidden costs. The totally integrated, ready-to-use package includes internal piping, coolers, motor, lubrication and control system.  

The Full Feature version even integrates heat of compression adsorption dryer to deliver dry compressed air for even the most sensitive applications with virtually zero dryer energy consumption. Installation is trouble-free, commissioning time is minimised and no external instrument air is required.  

You simply plug and run. 

Added features to eliminate moisture issues 

The Full Feature version even integrates heat of compression adsorption dryer to deliver dry compressed air for even the most sensitive applications with virtually zero dryer energy consumption.  

A new innovation added to the Z55-90(VSD) STD range includes and additional dryer heat source which boost heat of compression performance as needed to maintain very low moisture content.  

Global presence – local service 

Our aftermarket product portfolio is designed to add maximum value for our customers by ensuring the optimum availability and reliability of their compressed air equipment with the lowest possible operating costs.  

We deliver this complete service guarantee through our extensive highly trained service organisation, maintaining our position as leader in compressed air. 

Your benefits 
Z compressor
The Generation 3 superior oil-free screw elements provide high Free Air Delivery (FAD) and lowest possible energy consumption.

100 per cent Oil-free Air (Class 0)

  • Next generation world class compression element.
  • Unique Z seal design guarantees 100 per cent certified oil-free air. 
  • Atlas Copco superior rotor coating for high efficiency and durability.
  • More compact, improved rotor profiles and cooling jackets for maximum efficiency and durability.

Advanced touch screen monitoring system

  • User-friendly Elektronikon® Touch, with enhanced connectivity potential.
  • Integrated smart algorithms to optimise system pressure and maximise energy efficiency.
  • Included warning indications, maintenance scheduling and online visualisation of the machine’s condition.

High efficiency motor

  • IP 55 TEFC motor protects against dust, chemicals and humidity. 
  • Class-leading efficiency (IE4 or IE3 for VSD version) and rock-solid reliability.
  • Continuous operation under severe ambient temperature conditions.

Optimal control

  • Fixed speed version uses reliable load / unload regulation with mechanical interlock of inlet and blow off valve and very low unloaded power requirements.
  • VSD version adjusts the speed of motor to save energy at reduced air demand for savings of up to 35 per cent compared to fixed speed version. 
  • Reduced energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact. 

Reliable air or water cooling

  • Compact and efficient design with low air approach temperature and low pressure drop.
  • Water separator to efficiently separate the condensate from the compressed air.
  • Low moisture carry-over protects downstream equipment.

Compact design 

  • Smallest possible machine footprint on the market. 
  • Saves valuable and often expensive floor space in a facility.
  • Highest ratio flow/footprint on the market.     1800 023 469  

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