Manufacturing Revival: Is a new era of Industry 4.0 in Australian manufacturing upon us?

This Thursday 24th September at 11am Simplus is hosting a webinar for senior leaders of Australian Manufacturing companies in partnership with IMCRC where we will explore the topic “how companies are adopting digital technologies to remain competitive”.

In the 1960s, manufacturing equated to 30 per cent of the Australian economy. In 2020, it’s 5.5 per cent. Now with international border closures and disruptions to supply chains, manufacturers have an opportunity to revive Australia’s manufacturing industry. As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

To help us look into the future state of Australia’s manufacturing industry, David Chuter, CEO and Managing Director of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC), joins our webinar panel to share key findings from the futuremap® workshops. Full of practical advice, David will reveal how manufacturers enabled by digital technologies and an uptake of Industry 4.0 are innovating and securing future success.

David will also be joined by Eloise Roberts, Director of Advisory, Change, and Training at Simplus, and Imran Khan, Manufacturing Industry Go-To-Market Director at Salesforce. Together they will share their insights from working with Australian manufacturers adopting digital technology.

Our experts will also unpack how the current pandemic has impacted the Fourth Industrial Revolution—otherwise known as Industry 4.0—and what this means for manufacturers and their uptake of digital manufacturing technologies and servitization to remain competitive.

Key webinar outcomes:

  • Insights from nationally-run futuremap® workshops
  • Benefits of adding servitization to your business structure
  • Shaping new business models to become more customer-centric
  • Enhancing the quality of data to drive growth in revenue and profit
  • How to begin your digitalisation journey.

Register now to join David Chuter and our other industry panelists to find out more about how you can adopt new technology to pivot your operations and build closer connections to your customers in response to COVID-19.

Link for registration is


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