Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards Finalists – Global Integration Award


As the nominations have closed for the 10th Endeavour Awards have closed, we're highlighting the finalists for each category, giving you an insight into innovation and excellence in the manufacturing industry.
Downer Rail  
The primary international partner for the Waratah Train Project is CRC, who partially manufactures the train's carriages. Other parts of the train have been sourced from partners in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, South Korea, Switzerland and more.  
The decision to use global suppliers was not made based on price, but rather throughputs: the NSW Government contract terms meant that no Australian facility could produce trains at the speed required.It focused on improving interactions with its other global suppliers, and reducing logistical inefficiencies such as preventable delivery delays, faults and breakages. It achieved this by building the right internal supply chain team and travelling to suppliers to build face-to-face relationships based on partnerships rather than simply supply and demand. Downer Rail will continue to work with CRC until 2014 to complete the delivery of the Waratah Train Project, and will seek opportunities to work with CRC on future rail projects.  
Vulcnite has been nominated for the Global Integration award for using its global success to build its reputation and markets locally.  
Although small compared to others in global markets, the company has an enviable reputation for quality, innovation and service in export markets in Asia, North America and Europe. Export success allowed Vulcanite to remain competitive at a local level.   
The export environment also makes a significant contribution to the company's pool of industry knowledge in a range of environments and cultures. This in turn assists in maintaining strong local relationships and paves the way for the development new products and business opportunities. Import replacement activity provided an export capability that accounts for almost 50% of turnover.   
Leussink Engineering 
Leussink Engineering has been nominated for the Global Integration award. It has been nominated for its work with German bearings specialist Corts, where it sent six of its specialists from Unanderra, NSW, to various locations in Kazakhstan to machine six rolling mill stands for ArcelorMittal.  
The process combined the expertise of Corts-Leussink, surveyors, on-site machine operators and mechanical engineers to collect the relevant data and modify the current status back to OEM specification.  
Leussink's technical staff took a holistic approach that included a thorough laser-based survey of all components, including their current structural integrity.