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With DataFactory’s repair services, West Packaging Services’ servo drive problems were solved at a fraction of the costs of a full replacement.

Jeremy West, managing director, West Packaging Services shares his experience about finding the right partner when he needed quick and reliable replacements for his packaging machines. 

When a critical machine goes down and even the original manufacturer just wants to sell you a new replacement – who you gonna call?  

This was the issue that Jeremy West had when one of his key packaging machines had a serious servo drive problem. After contacting a number of people, he tried the original supplier for repair help – they didn’t want to know. A replacement servo drive was not only going to be a major cost, but also the receivable time was just way too long.  

“I spoke with a variety of potential repairers and in the end the name DataFactory came up, so I Googled them and gave Darius a call,” Jeremy said.

“From the outset, he seemed to quickly grasp the issue and was very knowledgeable about the problems my servo drive was having”.  

This was a seven-year-old unit and finding someone with the knowledge of how to repair it was difficult. Until DataFactory became involved. It is a very complex unit as it has to control a large packaging fabrication machine, capable of producing large format pouches, for example, 600 x 600 mm aluminium bags.  

 “A replacement unit was more than US$15,000 and Darius repaired our existing unit for significantly less than that. Been nearly two months now and no problems,” he went on to say.

“I am so glad we found DataFactory, we have 13 packaging machines, and they are now looking at even more complex equipment within our factory,” Jeremy said. 

For some six weeks, West’s Packaging realised that they couldn’t continue with one of their critical machines being down. Of all the people they contacted, just finding someone with the knowledge and understanding of the issues of repairing this servo drive unit, seemed impossible.  

“I can’t recommend Darius enough,” Jeremy continued.

“He has both knowledge and technical skills to really get us out of trouble in both a timely manner and at a competitive cost.”

West’s Packaging and DataFactory are now in a secure relationship.  

DataFactory is a highly qualified electrical engineering workshop, capable to repairing and rebuilding the most complex servo drives and circuit boards. They are time conscious and deliver their services on a national level.

With more than 30 years’ experience in this highly technical area, Darius Kowalewski, is a professional electrical engineer with degrees in Power Electronics and Digital Communication Protocols. He has extensive knowledge of servo drives and complex control systems. Many which have been manufactured some years ago. He is fully equipped to test and repair a wide range of electrical equipment, even the rebuilding of the most complex servo drive units.  

Generally, a first phone call will help to establish the essence of the problem and the quality and reliability of their work is testimonial of their many long-term clients.

Darius understands the cost/time issues and as in many cases, a machine’s down time must be reduced as fast as possible. Often the replacement parts are far more expensive than a DataFactory repair.  

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