Made with AI


A panel event to demystify the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for Australian manufacturers. 

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest evolving tools in modern technology, but manufacturers are yet to capture its full potential. With advancements happening faster than industry can adopt it, the ARM Hub is supporting Australian companies, especially SMEs, to drive technology adoption and digitally transform. The ARM Hub’s upcoming panel ‘Made with Ai’, co-hosted with the Tech Council of Australia, is a purpose-built session to demystify AI across industry, and uncover how AI will secure Australia’s manufacturing future.  

With the goal of making manufacturing Australia’s next big tech industry, the ARM Hub is connecting existing industry to the nation’s best science and technology expertise to accelerate digital transformation. During the panel event ARM Hub’s CEO, Associate Professor Cori Stewart, will announce a new initiative by the Hub that will further support Australian manufacturing SMEs on their digital transformation journey. 

“Delivering AI outcomes and digital capability opportunities for Australian SMEs is imperative to advancing the nation’s sovereign capability in major industry sectors and growing our high-value global supply chains. This initiative is another way ARM Hub is delivering on our mission,” says Cori Stewart, CEO of ARM Hub. 

AI, machine learning and deep learning are natural partners for robotics and computer vision, which are being used world-wide and performing complex tasks more efficiently. The data-driven algorithms of AI are now solving problems and performing tasks, like traceability and better energy use, more readily than ever before. This presents Australian manufacturers with the opportunity to operate at unseen scale and speed, securing their place in sophisticated global supply-chains. 

ARM Hub’s ‘Made with Ai’ will examine current and emerging artificial intelligence technologies, and present challenges and opportunities for manufacturers to capture this capability and propel Australian industry into the future. With a highly regarded panel of national experts in science, technology, and manufacturing, including Professor Svetha Venkatesh, who is listed in the top 15 women with the most AI publications on Arxiv, the perspectives brought to the panel will present an inspiring well-rounded conversation.  

‘Made with Ai’ was online on 22 November 2021. Head to the link below to watch the recording.

Panel Speakers: 

  • Associate Professor Cori Stewart – CEO, ARM Hub 
  • Kate Pounder – CEO, Tech Council of Australia 
  • Professor Bronwyn Fox – Chief Scientist, CSIRO 
  • Professor John Spoehr – Pro Vice Chancellor, Research Impact and Director Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University 
  • Professor Svetha Venkatesh – Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute, Deakin University 
  • Panel Chair: Emeritus Prof Roy Green – UTS Innovation Advisor 
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