Low temperature, high quality results: DecoAnodise ZD Ultra delivers

Leading metal finishing provider DECO Surface Finishing has unveiled its new-look hard anodising series: ZD Ultra. This tailored, hardwearing and long-lasting series of hard anodised finishes is ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications, including CNC machined parts, machinery components, weapon parts, casings and more.

DECO Australia have been supplying quality hard anodising services to Australian manufacturers and engineers for over a decade. Designed to reflect the DECO’s superior hard anodised finishes, the new ZD Ultra series is made possible by their advanced low-temperature hard anodising technology. Aluminium components are submerged in acid baths with the temperature lowered to Zero Degrees – hence the ZD name – to create a durable aluminium oxide coating on the surface of the parts. This tough, thick coating outperforms other types of anodising, offering greater protection than standard anodising or chemically induced hard anodising.

Two options are available to suit different project needs: ZD Ultra, a 30 micron hard anodised coating for premium protection, and ZD Ultra+, a 50 micron coating designed to suit extremely hardwearing applications. With corrosion, abrasion, heat and wear resistance, these superior coatings are ideal for aluminium components exposed to moisture, salt spray or used in high-speed machinery, automotive engines and defence applications.

As well as increasing the lifespan of parts, ZD Ultra Hard Anodising also helps to increase productivity, reducing the need for machine maintenance, part replacement and downtime. This makes ZD Ultra a cost-effective option for manufacturers and engineers working across a wide range of industries.

A complete hard anodising system for unrivalled protection, DECO’s ZD Ultra is subject to stringent in-house pre-treatment and quality testing, including abrasion and salt spray testing as well as testing to MIL SPEC standard MIL-A-862F Type III for defence applications.

A high-quality, durable and effective finish, DECO’s ZD Ultra is revolutionising hard anodising in Australia, challenging current industry benchmarks.

“When manufacturers and engineers come to us to have their parts finished, when they select ZD Ultra they will know they are receiving the highest quality hard anodising that will protect their components for a long time to come,” said DECO Director Ross Doonan.

In addition to ZD Ultra, DECO also offers standard anodised finishes, custom micron thicknesses and custom sealing processes and finishes for specialised project requirements. With a range of anodising options to suit any project, DECO is a one-stop shop for all your anodising needs.

To find more about DECO’s ZD Ultra hard anodising, visit their website.