Lanolin-based lubricant draws on history and protects for the future


Applying corrosion resistant lubricant to every application in the mining industry from threads, sleeves, and bushes — to gears, chains, and sprockets—is good practice for extending the life expectancy of metal components, according to BSC’s Steve Keown.

However, the properties of anti-corrosion compounds often come under speculation when it comes to the environment. Corrosion resistant lubricants can often contain harsh chemicals due to the nature of metal chemistry, and Steve notes that sometimes it can be a bit counterintuitive using chemicals to counteract the effects of other chemicals.

“There has definitely been a shift towards more environmentally sensitive compounds across the mining sector,” he says. “Right now, we are seeing product developers leaning more on the properties of organic compounds and experimenting with ways to enhance those natural processes in lubrication and anti-corrosion products.”

As BSC’s National Product Manager for Lubricants, Degreasers and Solvents, it’s no surprise that Steve knows his stuff when it comes to metal protection. He has been working with Aussie-owned and operated supplier INOX, CBC’s premium partner, for decades to keep Australian mining equipment rolling with a sparkle.

But more recently, with organic products coming to the forefront of the market, it has really been INOX’s time to shine.

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