Kemppi’s new X5 FastMig welding machine a perfect match for the busy fabricator 


 The X5 FastMig delivers faster, quality welds for busy fabricators.

Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out about Kemppi’s new X5 FastMig welding system and what sets it apart from other machines on the market. 

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, recently released the X5 FastMig multi-process welding system for MIG, DC TIG and stick welding (MMA), as well as gouging. Designed in conjunction with professional welders and specifically for steel welding, the X5 FastMig helps significantly enhance arc welding productivity.   

Built using energy-efficient inverter technology, the X5 FastMig is very versatile, robust and available in Manual and Synergic 400A and 500A models. It delivers faster and quality welds, and has a range of features that fabricators are finding highly practical and applicable.     

The machine was put through its paces by an arm of global engineering group, Sandvik in 2020. Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy spent several months piloting the X5 FastMig in Finland and particularly acknowledged the ergonomics and usability of the machine.  

According to Kemppi Australia’s managing director, Paul McVicar, “The new Kemppi X5 FastMig is packed with must-have features and capability for the busy fabricator.”   

Easy to Use  

Designed to be quick and very easy to use, the X5 has a graphical and impact-resistant 5.7” TFT display. The display provides the fabricator with all the information they need to easily grasp all the operating basics in minutes. Also, the fabricator has all the values they require to get the job done at their fingertips, right there on the machine.  

What’s more, settings that a welder likes or uses repeatedly can be easily saved and quickly retrieved. For instance, details such as the last weld completed can be recalled and the associated heat input can be calculated on the machine, and accessed at any time in the future in seconds.   

The wire feeder can be hung up and adjusted to multiple different angles for easy use and access, even in a dual setup.

Make Fine Adjustments Quickly  

For those fabricators who do specialised work or require a certain result, they’ll be pleased to learn that fine adjustments on the X5 FastMig are quick and easy to make. Weld settings can be refined down to 0.1 of a volt to achieve the outcome they need. For the busy welder this often means a smoother, more consistent weld quality and less cleaning, saving both time and money while boosting productivity.   

Safe and Ergonomic  

The FastMig X5 has also been designed with the fabricator’s safety in mind. The ergonomically designed, top-loading wire feeder saves space and improves occupational safety when changing wire spools, as it places less strain on the welder’s back. 

The time saved loading the wire when compared to a traditional wire feeder helps minimise downtime while increasing the user’s arc-on time. Plus, the wire feeder can be hung up and adjusted to multiple different angles for quick and easy access, even in a dual setup.   

Complete Convenience with 100 Memory Channels  

With up to 100 memory channels on the Kemppi X5, fabricators can set and save a range of various parameters for fast retrieval. The ability to save customised settings means that fabricators do not have to go through an initial setup for every job. At the turn of a knob, they can highlight the desired setting and proceed to weld. Highly convenient, this feature saves the fabricator precious time while increasing productivity.  

Faster and Better Quality Welds 

Built to perform, the X5 FastMig features the latest in ignition technology – Touch Sense Ignition – as standard in all available models. When combined with WiseSteel software, which also comes as standard with every model, the X5 delivers precise ignition capability and stable arc control.    

It tackles the challenges of globular arc by alternating between short arc and spray transfer. In short-circuit transfer, it improves the arc stability adaptively, providing better out-of-position steel welding capabilities. In spray transfer mode, micropulsing of the current and voltage increases travel speed significantly. In doing so, the X5 helps to minimise the spatter produced by a traditional globular arc as well as the need for post weld cleaning, saving the welder both valuable time and cost while helping to deliver better quality welds.   

Industry 4.0 Ready  

In a class of its own, the X5 FastMig can be easily connected to the Kemppi WeldEye cloud service. This software solution offers automated processes for quality control, production analysis and welding project management. It provides digital information about welding procedures, welder and inspector qualifications, documentation, reporting and administration, and 100 per cent traceability on all welds created. 

By combining the X5 FastMig with WeldEye, the fabricator and management can ensure faster welding documentation processes, compliance with welding procedure specifications, reduced weld repair rates and a 360º view of welding production and project status.    

High User Satisfaction  

The X5 FastMig provides high user satisfaction, particularly for the fabricator who welds every day or who delivers high-end work. The ability to be able to refine settings significantly, together with the freedom to tailor the X5 machine to meet individual needs, means greater user satisfaction.     

For more information on the new X5 FastMig welder, call Kemppi Australia on (02) 8785 2000 or email