Kemppi adds powerful 535 welding model to popular MasterTig range


International welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released the latest addition to its MasterTig family – the MasterTig 535 ACDC GM. It is the most powerful TIG welding source in the Kemppi portfolio. Apart from providing welders with greater choice, the 500A welder delivers excellent performance, welding characteristics and functionality.

The MasterTig 535 ACDC is a world-class solution that offers true mixed TIG capability so that welders can use the machine to weld a wide range of materials regardless of whether they are heavy or thin metals. The inverter welding power source has a maximum welding current of 500 A at 40 per cent load and allows welding in AC TIG, DC TIG and MMA mode.

The MasterTig 535 ACDC has been designed with the professional welder very much in mind. The machine has a large, easy-to-use, interactive digital display panel. What’s more, its Weld Assist feature lets welders’ setup faster to help increase productivity. Welders select the material thickness, joint type and welding position so that Weld Assist can help them determine the best parameters for the welding task. It also provides recommendations for the electrode size, filler wire, gas flow, groove type, pass profile and travel speed.

Welders can also weld up to 30 per cent faster, thanks to the MasterTig 535’s Double Pulse function. Double pulse accelerates the travel speed in DC hand welding and mechanised applications. This not only allows welders to power through work, it reduces distortion levels and delivers excellent weld appearance. Double Pulse also reduces heat input by 20 per cent, helping to minimise welding costs.

The machine’s MicroTack function lets welders complete multiple, repetitive tacking on thin sheet applications quickly and without forgoing quality or the visual appearance of the weld.

The MasterTig 535 also features 99 memory channels so that users can set and save a range of parameters for fast retrieval. The ability to save customised settings means quick and easy set-up to help save precious time, while increasing productivity.

Plus, the MasterTig 535 ACDC lets users enjoy the magic of wireless remote control. With the HR45 bluetooth handheld remote control or the FR45 wireless footswitch, users can control the welding power source and select memory channels from a distance of up to 100m.

Other advanced features of the MasterTig 535 ACDC include iTEC, which is engineered ignition technology. This ensures a reliable arc start every time and is particularly useful with long torch extensions for site welding or precise thin materials and low current applications. The Optima AC feature is a customised waveform that combines the best of the traditional sine and square forms. It improves welding quality while reducing the noise level in AC TIG welding by 20 per cent.

The machine is also highly energy efficient. The new MasterTig Cooler MXL (1.7kW) features increased cooling capacity. Dynamic gas and water cooling ensure optimal temperature control and power efficiency. It is also built to last. Designed using strong, energy absorbing, recyclable plastics, the machine’s structure also incorporates impact bridges that protect the power source from everyday knocks.

For more information on the new MasterTig 535 ACDC call Kemppi Australia on (02) 8785 2000 or email