Keeping it tight

Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out from packaging specialist Signode what it means to forge close customer relationships and safety in its products.

Manufacturers today are looking for packaging machinery that delivers them speed, accuracy and reliability, whilst minimising downtime. They want machines that will cut their labour costs and provide good returns on investment.

It is essential to look for a top of the line supplier that specialises in load containment and protective packaging systems. Signode is one such supplier and their products are engineered right down to specific applications; systems that protect products, streamline production and improve profits.

Signode has become a one stop shop for its customers’ strapping and wrapping needs. The company’s extensive range of equipment, strapping and consumables, backed up with onsite national service and parts supply, suit any application no matter how challenging or demanding.

Meeting customers’ evolving needs

Signode provides a range of strapping machines that are used across a wide range of industries and applications including warehouses, logistics, distribution centres and fruit and vegetable carton packaging. Signode strapping machines are critical to customer operations because they provide a secure strapping solution for their cartons.

The Predator 12 Stainless Steel is an automatic strapping machine manufactured with safety in mind, it is ideal for use in the corrosive environments found in the food and meat processing industries, and can apply up to 30 straps per minute.

Features of the Predator 12 Stainless Steel include safety switches on all doors, automatic strap loading, and electronic tension adjustment up to 70kg. It also has an automatic strap eject feature for coil changes and it operates in three modes – manual, tabletop sensor and foot pedal. Any mis-fed straps are easily and quickly corrected with the Signode Predator’s automatic cut and refeed feature.

The MOD GPX is a top-of-the-line strapping machine and can apply up to 65 straps per minute. Available in automatic and fully automatic inline options, this machine features an entirely modular design that provides unparalleled flexibility and longevity for general purpose strapping machines. Each module can be quickly replaced by operators for desired upgrades or maintenance without disrupting production.

Available in stainless steel for hand presented cartons or fully automated applications, the MOD GPX is ideal for cold, damp environments where corrosion resistance is necessary.

Further features include safety switches, adjustable strap tension up to 90kg, and self-diagnostics.

Safety first

Each Signode machine, whether it is a wrapper or strapping machine, is tested and tagged, supplied with a riskassessment and manufacturer’s CE European manufacturing rating.

For example, the safety features on one of Signode’s pallet wrappers, the Predator T2, include a crush prevention device at the bottom of the film carriage. This prevents any operator foot injuries from occurring.

Other safety feature includes an automatic film tear device. The pallet wrapper automatically cuts the film eliminating the need for the operator to do so with a knife. This makes the pallet wrapper operator friendly and safe as users do not have to bend down and cut the film.

The importance of after sales follow up

Signode offers more than just quality products. The company’s service, maintenance, engineering and spare parts support help achieve year on year uptime for businesses and ultimately reduce their cost of ownership on their machinery.

Before any sales take place, the company works with clients to choose the best machinery for each job. It also conducts audits in order to identify, and then fix operational bottlenecks.

In terms of after sales support, Signode keeps standard equipment in stock to cover maintenance requests and also offers training to enable businesses to fix their own machines, as well as safety training. Service agreements along with preventative maintenance help ensure mechanical issues are fixed before they result in costly downtime.

While the company offers over-the-phone technical support, it realises that this cannot be relied upon in all circumstances. Its field sales and service representation are nation-wide. Importantly, this means that customers in regional areas of Australia are not left out of the service equation.

The company offers flexible buying options for all strapping machines, meaning that customers can either buy outright or take advantage of a rental program.

In summary, the Signode package allows customers the peace of mind that they are using safe, reliable, fast, new equipment technology available in full stainless steel or painted finish