KEEPING DESALINATION equipment tip-top for Northern Water

Northern Water

Adam Abel is a man of few words. But when asked to talk about the key strengths of his business, Northern Water, he speaks with confidence: “The knowledge and support that we give on our products.” This comment is backed by an impressive customer base, which includes: the Australian Navy, Australian Border Force and the Queensland Water Police.

Based in Cairns, Northern Water has been supplying, manufacturing and servicing water treatment equipment for over 17 years. Over this time, the business has built a rapport for having extensive product knowledge and topping this up with quality after-sales support.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in the water treatment industry, the team handles all aspects of design, manufacture, repair, installation, commissioning and maintenance of seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis plants. Northern Water’s experience also extends to micro filtration systems, all forms of sediment removal and numerous other water treatment technologies.

“We like to get it done right the first time,” says Adam. “Water treatment is a specialised field. No two customers are the same. So, whether it is installing seawater desalination systems on a remote island or providing high pressure pumps for large navy vessels, we always stand by our products and services.”

With a job as critical as water treatment, Adam says Northern Water must be selective in choosing industrial suppliers. The BSC Cairns branch has been a trusted supplier for the business since its early days.

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